UK – Anti-Zionist Israeli academic expelled from Labour Party

Last week, Israel-UK professor Moshe Machover, 80, (London University), and founder of Matzpen, the Israeli Socialist Organization in 1962 was expelled from UK’s main opposition party, Labour headed by Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour Friends of Israel have accused Dr. Machover of making several antisemitic statements during his speech at London Communist Forum, on May 15, 2016 (watch video below) – claiming anti-Zionism is not antisemitism.

All pro-Israel Jews, Christians, and even London Mayor Sadiq Khan have every reason to be made at Moshe Machover for making such hateful statements on the occasion of Israel’s 68th birthday.

I’m sure Dr. Machover had heard about the fatwa UK’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis gave ahead of the birthday party that anti-Zionism = anti-Judaism.

Last month, Labour Friends of Israel and the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET), urged Jeremy Corbyn to expel Moshe Machover from the party. HET was founded by Jew pedophile Lord Greville Ewan Janner. HET is partially funded by British government. In 2015, then prime minister David Cameron promised a gift of £50 million to build a new Holocaust memorial in London.

Over £1.5 million has been given each year to the Holocaust Education Trust along with £500,000 to Centre for Holocaust Education to improve teacher knowledge and training. Study of Jewish Holocaust is compulsory in British schools and colleges.



2 responses to “UK – Anti-Zionist Israeli academic expelled from Labour Party

  1. I hope that it’s also mandatory that everyone study the Balfour Declaration as well. ^..^

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