DHS’s $100 million spying bridge-tunnel towers

In June 2017, Governor of New York state, Israel First Andrew Cuomo declared that Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is “in a state of emergency“. As a result the state-owned MTA approved nearly one billion dollars bill to repair railway and road bridges and tunnels.

The budget also included erection of 18 mysterious metal towers at the bridges and tunnels at the cost of US$100 million. Cuomo office and MTA officials had claimed that these towers were to enhance city’s tourist industry.

Late last month, Cedrick Fulton, the head of the MTA’s bridges and tunnels, refused to comment to media organizations asking about the towers, and MTA chairman and former mayoral candidate Joe Lhota said he wasn’t at liberty to discuss details of the project, other than to confirm that they would serve some type of anti-terrorism-related purpose.

Shams Tarek (Bangladesh native and former campaign official of Cuomo), a spokesman for the MTA, admitted that the towers host cameras, traffic monitoring and other equipment related to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that would otherwise have been hosted by the former toll booth structures.

If that’s true, then these towers would only spy on American Muslims and not Christian or Jews even though the later committed 94% terrorist acts – because DHS is another Zionist Jewish racket.

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, then President George Bush announced the creation of the Office of Homeland Security, which was purportedly responsible for protecting the United States of America and US Territories (including Protectorates) from and responding to terrorist attacks, man-made accidents, and natural disasters. With the passage of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the Office of Homeland Security was transformed into a federal Cabinet level agency, the DHS, which consistently has an annual budget of $50 billions or more. And just like the Global war on terror, the entire concept of DHS is yet another Zionist Jewish racket. Zionist stooge Tom Ridge was the director of DHS for about two years, paving the way for 9/11 war criminal and Jewish terrorist Michael Chertoff, author of the anti-American PATRIOT Act, to take over and head this tyrannical and Orwellian organization until the end of the Bush administration,” wrote John Friend.

On July 2, 2012, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that American Jewish groups received 97% of DHS home defense grant.


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