Chomsky: US-Israel afraid of independent Iran

American Jew philosopher Noam Chomsky, Israel’s 9/11 gatekeeper, in his upcoming book Global Discontents: Conversations on the Rising Threats to Democracy, discussed with author, journalist and lecturer David Barsamian the real reasons behind United States 37-year-long animosity towards Iran, dismissing as mere smokescreens Washington’s objections to Iran’s nuclear program and its support for Islamic resistance groups such as Hizbullah

in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza Strip.

Some of Chomsky’s comments on Islamic Republic are excerpted as follow:

Iran has long been regarded by US leaders, and by US media commentary, as extraordinarily dangerous, perhaps the most dangerous country on the planet. This goes back to well before Trump. In the doctrinal system, Iran is a dual menace: it is the leading supporter of terrorism, and its nuclear programs pose an existential threat to Israel, if not the whole world. It is so dangerous that Obama had to install an advanced air defense system near the Russian border to protect Europe from Iranian nuclear weapons – which don’t exist, and which, in any case, Iranian leaders would use only if possessed by a desire to be instantly incinerated in return.

That’s the doctrinal system. In the real world, Iranian support for terrorism translates to support for Hizbullah, whose major crime is that it is the sole deterrent to yet another destructive Israeli invasion of Lebanon, and for Hamas, which won a free election in the Gaza Strip – a crime that instantly elicited harsh sanctions and led the US government to prepare a military coup. Both organizations, it is true, can be charged with terrorist acts, though not anywhere near the amount of terrorism that stems from Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the formation and actions of jihadi networks.

As for Iran’s nuclear weapons programs, US intelligence has confirmed what anyone can easily figure out for themselves: if they exist, they are part of Iran’s deterrent strategy. There is also the unmentionable fact that any concern about Iranian weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) could be alleviated by the simple means of heeding Iran’s call to establish a WMD-free zone in the Middle East. Such a zone is strongly supported by the Arab states and most of the rest of the world and is blocked primarily by the United States, which wishes to protect Israel’s WMD capabilities.

Since the doctrinal system falls apart on inspection, we are left with the task of finding the true reasons for US animus toward Iran. Possibilities readily come to mind. The United States and Israel cannot tolerate an independent force in a region that they take to be theirs by right. An Iran with a nuclear deterrent is unacceptable to rogue states that want to rampage however they wish throughout the Middle East (here).

David Barsamian whose parents were Armenian Christian immigrants, said in a 2004 interview said that Palestinians who think that United States would liberate them from Jewish oppression – “they may as well believe in the tooth fairy.”

The Americans will only do what is in the best interest
of Israel. They don’t give a damn about the Palestinians. They are a
nuisance for Washington. It’s Israel and oil that they are concerned
about,” said Barsamian.

Abby Martin speaks of her observations during a recent one-month stay in the Zionist entity below:


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