Las Vegas shooting – Zionist Psy-op

On Monday, The Jew York Times reported that a lone gunman by the named Stephen Paddock , 64, shot and killed 58 people, injuring hundreds of others, and sending thousands of survivors flee for cover at an open 3-day music concert at Las Vegas Strip late Sunday night.

The shooting occurred during the final night performance by Jason Aldean.

Police said Stephen Paddock shot himself before police could apprehend him. Later police said it’s looking for Paddock’s female companion at the concert.

Donald Trump in a nationally televised news conference called the attack an act of pure evil. Since the shooter was not a Muslim, he didn’t boasted his ‘war on terror’.

Las Vegas Jew mayor Carolyn Goodman asked people to pray for the victims. In case some readers may not know, Ms. Goodman built The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement’ in 2012 in honor of some of America’s most notorious Jew Mobsters at taxpayers’ expense.

The Gateway Pundit website founded by Israel-First gay Jew Jim Hoft claimed that the shooter was Geary Danley, 32, associated with an “anti-Trump army”.

Jew politician and TV personality Wayne Allyn Root tweeted: “This is real thing. Clearly coordinated Muslim terrorist. PRAY for our Vegas police. PRAY for victims. Very bad. Awful.” Last year Root had claimed that Donald Trump is the “First Jewish president of United States.”

Another Jew creep, Hermann Dayz tweeted that the shooter was Muslim convert (born Jew) by the name Samir Al-Hajeed.

Police or FBI has not identified the nationalities of the dead. Root also didn’t claim that some of the dead were Jews – but now JTA reports that eight Israelis are missing in the wake of shooting. I think JTA doesn’t want to repeat 9/11 mistake where no Israeli or Jew was found among the 2,846 dead.

As expected, now the US-Israel proxy ISIS has claimed that Paddock worked for it. Don’t forget ISIS’s self-proclaimed Khalifah Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a Mossad agent.

On October 2, Jew-owned Washington Post claimed that Stephen Paddock was a high-stake gambler who kept to himself before massacre.

Eric Paddock said his brother previously worked as an accountant but also had real estate investments, including houses and apartments around Orlando. He said Stephen Paddock had no kids and plenty of money to play with. He also said Stephen once won US$250,000 in gambling,” claims Washington Post.

Some bloggers have claimed that Donald Trump who favored gun control in the aftermath of Sandy Hook shooting will use this Psy-op (watch below) to impose gun control for which the Jewish Lobby had been campaigning for decades.


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