Chutzpah: Israel’s chief justice snubs Jew settlement event

The Zionist regime is famous for creating new definition of chutzpah on regular basis. Be it Iran’s nuclear bomb, Assad using chemical weapons against its own people, or Holocaust forgery, or Muslims behind 9/11.

The latest one is about Israel’s chief justice Miriam Naor’s refusal to accept Benjamin Netanyahu’s invitation to join him at Kfar Etzion, the first Israeli settlement in the West Bank, on the 50th anniversary of its founding after the West Bank was occupied by the Jewish army in June 1967.

Both Zionist entity’s defense minister Liberman Avigdor, cultural minister Miri Regev and justice minister Ayelet Shaked scolded Naor over boycotting the function. Regev even compared her boycott with the BDS movement. The three clowns claimed Naor’s action proves the court is biased against the Jew settlers and settlement enterprise. They even filed a complaint against Naor’s action – but it was rejected by the high court claiming the event had political agenda.

However, all the 7 judges (six European Jews and one Arab Christian) at the entity’s highest court supported Naor’s decision.

Israeli high courts are known for making mockery of justice and international law under the disguise of national security. For example, it usually condones regime’s abuse of Palestinian rights.

Interestingly, US ambassador in Tel Aviv, David Friedman, also skipped the event. But next day, in an interview he gave to the Israeli news site Walla, Friedman sympathized with the illegal Jew settlers, and showed his utter lack of diplomatic skill, by declaring that “settlements are part of Israel.”

Netanyahu in his address at the event declared that he will never take the requisite step for peace – that he will do everything in his power to prevent the establishment of an independent Palestinian state alongside the Zionist entity.

We have brought about magnificent settlement in the West Bank that we are maintaining and strengthening – responsibly, wisely and persistently,” said Netanyahu.

Zionist entity has no formal codified constitution and the Supreme Court often relies on the so-called Basic Law for its rulings.


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