Playboy Hugh Hefner dies at 91


The major civilizing force in the world is not religion, it is sex – Hugh Hefner.

Hugh Marston Hefner (Jewish) founder of America’s first nude magazine Playboy, died at his Playboy Mansion on Wednesday. He was 91.

Hefner death is mourned by his countless Playboy Bunnies while cursed by more women whose lives he damaged.

The World’s Jewish-controlled media such as Jew York Times, Jew Yorker, CNN, BBC, TMZ, Rollingstone, Fortune, Esquire, National Post, New Republic, etc., all made a great reformer out of the sexually pervert.

In addition to propagating pornographic material, Playboy magazine also published interviews of several famous people such as Rev. Martin Luther King, Alex Haley’s interview series with Malcolm X that would eventually become The Autobiography of Malcolm X – and White House veteran reporter Helen Thomas.

Playboy magazine is not without a few Jewish and Israeli links as well. The magazine featured several Jewish-American women, including Cindy Fuller, Susan Bernard, Sally Sheffield, Barbi Benton, Nikki Ziering, Lindsey Vuolo and Anita Marks. In April 1970 Playboy published an issue devoted to The girls of Israel.

Hugh Hefner was a great admirer of the Zionist entity. In 2013, Hefner gave permission to Daniel Pomerantz, a US-Israel dual citizen to launch a Hebrew version of Playboy in order to improve Israel’s international image which has nose-dipped since Israel’s 2006 defeat at the hands of Hizbullah freedom fighters. “For me this is an opportunity to show the world the nice side of Israel, the culture here,” he says.

I’m proud to see Playboy Israel embark on its mission to play an important role in strengthening freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of the press. I am equally pleased that so many of the core values of the magazine are also the core values of Israel and the society that has so graciously invited us to be a part of its cultural landscape,” Hefner said in a message prerecorded for the magazine’s launch party.

Before Hefner created Playboy, he worked as a cartoonist for a military magazine during WWII, Esquire magazine and a children magazine. Two famous Jew cartoonists Jules Pfeiffer and Shel Silverstein used to work for Hefner.

Jacob Shamsian reported at the INSIDER: “Before he died, Hefner said he slept with more than 1,000 women.”

In 1980, powerful Jewish Lobby, the Anti-Defamation League honored Hugh Hefner with its First Amendment Freedom Award – reported by The St. Louis Globe-Democrat, September 19, 1980.

Last year, Hefner sold Playboy mansion for US$100 million but rented it for US$1 million per year.


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