Palestinian resistance icon speaks at European Parliament

If I were a Palestinian at the right age, I would have joined one of the terrorist groups,” said Gen. Ehud Barak, prime minister of Israel, on ABC News, September 10, 2000.

Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence,” said Mahatma Gandhi.

On Tuesday, Haifa-born, Jordan-living, Palestinian resistance icon Leila Khaled, 73, spoke at the European Parliament event honoring Palestinian female freedom fighters. Leila Khaled was invited to address the event by Spanish MEPs Angela Vallina and Javier Couso.

Hundreds of Belgians including Palestinians living in Brussels attended the event, organized by the Spanish delegation of Izquierda Unida (United Left) as part of European United Left/Nordic Green Left bloc in the European Parliament and the Unadikum Brigades of Spain, along with Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, Addameer, and the BDS movement.

The ambassador of Venezuela, Claudia Salermo Calmera, participated in the event, as did MEP Martina Anderson, former Irish political prisoner and Sinn Fein representative, also spoke at the event.

The speakers did not only highlight solidarity with Palestinians, but also with Venezuelan, Cuban, Syrian, and all peoples fighting foreign oppression in the world.

The last time someone enlightened the organized Jewry-controlled European Parliament about the plight of Palestinian women, was not a Palestinian, but an Israeli Jewish academic Nurit Peled-Elhanan in 2005. She is daughter of Israel’s 1967 war-hero Gen. Matti Peled (died 1995), and sister of Israel-US author and activist Miko Peled.

Leila Khaled is member of Damascus-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) founded by Dr. George Habash (died 2008). He was born to a Christian family in Muslim-Christian town of Lydda in 1926 – now home to the David Ben Gurion International Airport.

Leila Khaled’s 1973 autobiography, My People shall Live, is worth reading to counter Jewish media lies about Palestinian resistance against the Jewish occupation of Palestine. Her personal blog can be read here.

During her November 2015 visit to Philippines, Leila Khaled compared Palestinian resistance against Zionist occupiers with Moro Muslim resistance against Filipino Christian occupiers (watch video below).


One response to “Palestinian resistance icon speaks at European Parliament

  1. Thank you for this post .I have read Miko Peled’s book “the Generals Son” and look forward to hearing/reading more about his sister Leila.The Palestinian cause is a just cause , how could it not be given the history and the treatment of them ,as they were driven from their land .We should not be allowed to change history for the benefit of theft.

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