Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Let make Britain great again’

On September 27, UK’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn addressed party’s annual conference in Brighton (listen below). His speech showed that despite the last two year smearing campaign against him by the country’s Jewish lobby groups has not shaken his support for the oppressed people, religious freedom, freedom of speech or condemnation of British imperialistic wars in the Muslim world.

Corbyn accused anti-Muslim prime minister Theresa May of clinging to power by paying nearly £100m each Democratic Unionist MP.

This Tory Government does have one thing that we lack. They have tracked down the Magic Money Tree when it was needed to keep Theresa May in Downing Street. It was given a good old shake – and lo and behold – now we know the price of power – it’s about £100m for each Democratic Unionist MP,” said Corbyn.

Corbyn criticized London selling arms to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain whose rulers are killing democratic resistance in their own countries but also waging wars in Yemen.

We cannot be silent at the cruel Saudi war in Yemen, while continuing to supply arms to Saudi Arabia, or the crushing of democracy in Egypt or Bahrain, or the tragic loss of life in Congo,” he said.

Surprisingly, Corbyn didn’t make any such demand against hundreds of millions dollars arms sales to Israel which was used in Gaza and Lebanon.

Corbyn condemned Myanmar government over Muslim genocide.

I say this today to Aung San Suu Kyi – a champion of democracy and human rights: end the violence now against the Rohingya in Myanmar and allow the UN and international aid agencies in to Rakhine state. The Rohingya have suffered for too long!,” he said.

On Palestine and North Korea, Jeremy Corbyn said: “We should stand firm for peaceful solutions to international crises. Let’s tone down the rhetoric, and back dialogue and negotiations to wind down the deeply dangerous confrontation over the Korean Peninsula. And I appeal to the UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres to use the authority of his office and go to Washington and Pyongyang to kick start that essential process of dialogue. And let’s give real support to end the oppression of the Palestinian people, the 50-year occupation and illegal settlement expansion and move to a genuine two-state solution of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Britain’s voice needs to be heard independently in the world. We must be a candid friend to the United States, now more than ever.”

Corbyn also mentioned Grenfell Tower fire, saying: “Grenfell is not just the result of bad political decisions, it stands for a failed and broken system  which Labour must and will replace.”

Naturally, country’s entire Zionist Jewish controlled media made fun of Corbyn’s speech.

Ahead of the annual conference, the Labour Friends of Israel, and Israel’s propaganda flagship Jewish Chronicle ran a vicious anti-Corbyn campaign to discredit his leadership by painting him hater of Israel and Jews as usual.

British Jew blogger, Tony Greenstein, an anti-Zionist, anti-Palestinian, who was expelled from Labour party last year has posted report on LFI latest campaign.


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