Narendra Modi declare war on Campuses

It seem, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is a good student of Nazi and Zionist propaganda techniques. After economic failure, regional isolation and rising anti-government student movement Modi has declared open war at Universities to kill the freedom of speech.

On Monday, hundreds of students held a protest rally in the Indian occupied Kashmir over the arrest of Alaa Fazili, a PhD student at University of Kashmir.

India is using the national investigation agency (NIA) as a new weapon of war to intimidate and silence those who are speaking against the brutalities of forces. Such tactics have not worked in past and they will not work now,” said a student protester.

The very first action by the Modi government when it came to power was against student a Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) where the full might of the state was evident in trying to crack down the criticism of Modi government’s Hindu extremist policy against minorities. Accompanied by violence, even at the Patiala courts where lawyers beat up students and journalists. The effort was to break the resistance and ensure virtual takeover of the campus by the BJP student wing, ABVP,” said editorial at The Citizen on September 24, 2017.

Last year, protesters at the JNU burned an effigy of Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders to mark the victory of truth over falsehood.

We celebrated the victory of truth over falsehood in a modern and democratic country by burning effigies. For us Modi and RSS are symbol of untruth,” said Sunny Dhiman, a member of the NSUI.

Since then anti-government protests have spread to 18 other campuses. Hindu extremist government officials and pro-Modi press is calling everyone traitor who dare to criticize police brutality against students.

The opposition and critics say the government is trying to shift public attention from its failure. The economy is showing no signs of a great turnaround, as many had expected with Narendra Modi coming to power. Despite historic low prices of fuel, of which India is a net importer, the GDP growth rate has increased only marginally. The stock markets have fallen to the levels that prevailed under the previous government, which was battling high inflation and low growth. The Modi government’s “Make in India” campaign has not resulted in the hoped-for manufacturing revolution,” wrote Shivam Vij, an Indian journalist.



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