Tunisian Jews refuse to leave the country

This month, pro-US Tunisian president Beji Caid Essebsi has announced two good news to please world organized Jewry; 1) the state wouldn’t force gay men to undergo anal test, and 2) the state would support Muslim women to marry Jews and Christians.

Organized Jewry has long been lying for decades about the plight of the so-called dwindling Jewish communities in Muslim majority countries particularly in Islamic Iran and Tunisia. Both countries are home to the oldest Jewish communities – centuries before the Jews from Khazaria arrived in Christian Europe. Iran (Persia) is even mention in Book of Esther in Jewish Talmud, possibly authored by rabbis 100 years after the so-called ‘crucification’ of prophet Isa (Jesus).

After the Western creation of the Zionist entity in Palestine to solve their centuries-old Jewish problem – many Jews from Iran and French colony Tunisia migrated to Israel but ones who refused to be fooled by Zionist propaganda lies about Muslims – stayed-put in their ancestral homelands. Iran is still home to 30,000 Jews – the largest Jewish community in the Middle East outside the occupied Palestine. Tunisia is home to over 2,000 Jews who boast of having Africa’s oldest El-Ghriba synagogue in Riadh.

The remaining Jews in Tunisia and Islamic Republic have refused to take bribes from their fellow Jews living in Israel and United States to immigrate to the Zionist entity. But the Israeli propagandists are known for taking “NO as an answer.”

On September 25, 2017, Cnaan Liphshiz posted latest hasbara Shitz at the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), entitled, “In Tunisia, an ancient Jewish community braves uncertain future.” He claims that it’s hard for the Jews performing Minyan – the quorum of 10 Jewish men that Judaism mandates for certain anti-goyim prayers, and a threshold requirement for any viable community.

Everybody’s thought about leaving, myself included.The economy’s bad, the currency’s plummeting, tourism’s suffering because of terrorism and jobs are scarce and not well paying. It’s not perfect,”Liphshitz quote his imaginary Tunisian source to support his Zionist hasbara.

Yes, the tiny North African Tunisia is no Switzerland but it’s far better than the Zionist entity where one out of every three Jewish children are raised in poverty (reported by Lee Yaron, Ha’aretz, January 17, 2017). According to 2016 National Insurance Institute report, I in 5 Israeli live in poverty – worst among the OECD developing countries, despite to the fact that the Zionist entity has sucked more than US$3 trillion from American taxpayers since the 1970s.


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