Book – Born Jew, forever Jewish

Jewish Shari’ah, Halakhah, says that a person born to a Jewish mother will remain Jewish even if he converts to other faiths or became an atheist.

American Jewish author Alan Levin in his 2015 book, Crossing the Boundary: Stories of Jewish Leaders of Other Spiritual Path, explains that cult identity.

Normally, when a Jew, Christian or a Hindu leaves his/her parents religion and adopts Islam – it’s known ‘conversion’ – abandoning all nationalistic and cultural ties with Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism. However, Alan Levin claims that if a Jew adopts Catholicism, Evangelicalism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Atheism or Agnosticism – he cannot shed away his inner Jewishness and love for state of Israel.

In the book, Alan Levin chronicle the stories of fourteen Jewish-born individuals who became Sikh, Sufi, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu chant master, visionary artist, Advaita teacher, Pagan witch, interfaith minister, Catholic priest, and a leader of a syncretic Brazilian church. However, they never abandoned traditions of their tribe, Holocaust or Israel.

The book includes interview with Martin Lowenthal, a Buddhist psychotherapist and teacher,  Krishna Das ( Jeffrey Kagel), the Hindu yoga chant master, and Toronto-based health educator, Qigong GrandMaster Ken Cohen.

As expected, Levin did not include Pope John Paul II who had a Jewish mother or Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby whose both parents were Jewish.

I also understand Levin’s not mentioning any of Jews who converted to Islam in the recent times as they all turned anti-Jewish supremacy and the Zionist entity. For example, Muhammad Assad (died 1992), Austro-Hungarian ex-Jewish journalist and one of theologian of Pakistan movement and diplomat of the country. He translated Holy Qur’an in Portuguese language; American-Pakistani teenager Margaret Marcus (Maryam Jameelah), wife, mother and author of several books, British millionaire Jemima Goldsmith, American stand-up comedian Jeremy Greenberg, US-Israeli Joseph Cohen who converted to Islam in 1994 and joined Palestinian activism, Simon Paul Collis, Britain ambassador to Saudi Arabia, to name a few.


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