South Africa: Saving water, colonialism and Holocaust

On Wednesday, Helen Zille, premier of South African province of Western Cape shocked the public by revealing that she showers only every third day in order to save water.

I shower briefly‚ once every three days‚ and for the rest wash in the hand basin. I used to wash my hair every day‚ but now only when I shower‚ with visibly negative consequences,” Zille wrote in a column.

MP Mbali Ntuli reminded Zille that “King Louis XIV only bathed twice in his life, and he had surgery on an anal fistula“.

French monarch Louis XIV is considered worse than Hitler by some Jew historian. On September 24, 1683, he issued a decree ordering all Jews be expelled from French colonies in North America even though the decree was ignored in Martinique, the Caribbean land with the largest Jewish population.

Zille whose both grandparents were German Jews, is the founder of South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance (DA).

Zille is known for making White racist statements. She caused a storm recently after posting a tweet in which she suggested there were some positive aspects of colonialism.

“The legacy of the colonialism was not all negative,” she tweeted.

Taking cue from her tweet, Black First Land leader Andile Mngxitama tweeted on Thursday: “The legacy of the Holocaust was not all negative.”

South Africa’s pro-Israel Jewish Lobby, South African Board of Deputies, took Andile Mngxitama to the Equality Court over the Holocaust tweet. The lobby  said in a statement on Wednesday that as the representative body of the South African Jewish community (?), part of its mandate was to protect the civil liberties of South African Jews, and to counter antisemitism.

Responding the board whining, Mngxitama said that he was not surprised by the board of displaying white supremacist tendencies.

They claim to be speakers of the English language, yet they seem not to know what irony is. I merely paraphrased Helen Zille. My point has been made eloquently by this response to try and silence me,” said Mngxitama.

He said the move by the Jewish Lobby smacked of hypocrisy as it had never condemned Zille, who caused a stir when she tweeted: “For those claiming legacy of colonialism was ONLY negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport infrastructure, piped water etc.,” Zille said.

Why are they only acting now? Why did they not go to the Equality Court when Helen Zille tweeted about colonialism?” asked Mngxitama.

Watch below a rare 1990 video showing Nelson Mandela destroying Jew anchorman Ted Koppel’s Israel propaganda lies.


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