Trump-Netanyahu threaten WWIII at UN



Both Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu threatened WWIII if the international community doesn’t stop Iran and North Korea from sponsoring terrorists in the Middle East and around the world.

Netanyahu was overjoyed by Trump’ anti-Iran rant during his speech at the United Nations especially after booted out on his Iranophobia last month by both Trump and Russian president Putin.

Kenneth S. Abramowitz, founder of Israeli propaganda website Save The West in an interview with Israel National News said that “We are basically in World War Three. President Trump is clearest in a long time but must realize there’s no non-military solution to Iran, North Korea.

Commenting on Trump speech, Jewish professor and former US ambassador to Mozambique and Peru, Dennis C. Jett (Penn State University), said: “Perhaps Trump’s oratory hit its lowest point when he called the Iran nuclear agreement the worst deal ever and an embarrassment to the US. The agreement continues to curb that country’s nuclear ambitions and is far preferable to any alternative strategy. If Trump walks away from it, he will do so alone.”

The Onion magazine said: “Following his speech to the United Nations General Assembly this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Friday that he is pretty satisfied with his trip to the US to instigate World War III. “All in all, I think I accomplished my goal of pushing humanity toward the brink of complete and utter annihilation,” said Netanyahu, adding that his implicit calls for international military action against Iran, which would ultimately escalate the conflict to an Armageddon-level of death and destruction, went fairly well. “I think I did a good job laying the groundwork for a nuclear holocaust that will kill billions of people and eventually end the world as we know it. Sounded like everyone really liked it, too.

Iranian president Dr. Hassan Rouhani who addressed the UNGA on Wednesday, called Trump speech hateful and absurd.

Surprisingly, French president Emmanuel Macron, a friend of Jews and Israel, hit back at Donald Trump on Tuesday by staunchly defending the Iran nuclear deal at the UN General Assembly, speaking soon after Trump called the deal an “embarrassment to the United States”.

German philosopher Dr. Ludwig Watzal comment on Trump speech, saying: “Trump spoke exactly the truth about his nation. “Rogue regimes represented in this body not only support terrorists but threaten other countries and their people with the most destructive weapons known to humanity.” Don’t the US support terrorist regimes such as the Saudi and the Israeli ones, which threatens other nations and peoples with annihilation and spread terrorism in the region and the Saudi case worldwide? Haven’t the US caused havoc to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen?.”


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