Iraq: No ‘second Israel’ on its territory

On September 16, Iraqi Vice-president Nouri al-Maliki, former US Viceroy in occupied Iraq, told US ambassador Douglas Saliman that Iraqi nation will not allow a “second Israel” to be created in Northern Iraq.

Masoud Barzani, president Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) with family link with World Zionist movement, is holding a referendum for the independence of his Kurdish entity on September 25 which is opposed by world powers such as the US, UK, Russia, France, Germany and China.

Barzani is using the referendum to instill nationalism among the 4 million Iraqi Kurds – out of 24 million Kurd population world-wide. He is also using it to divert public attention from his government bankruptcy since 2014 when it lost its share of oil subsidiary from Baghdad and oil price drop. KRG’s major oil buyer happens to be the Zionist entity.

On Tuesday, Iraqi Supreme Court ordered the suspension of KRG referendum calling it a foreign conspiracy to break-up Iraq on sectarian basis.

Last week, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu endorsed an independent Kurdistan state in the oil-rich Northern Iraq. Iraq’s autonomous state of Kurdistan (KRG) was created under the guardianship of the US and Israel during America’s invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The Jewish Lobby blamed Saddam Hussein testing chemical weapons on Kurdish town of Halabja in March 1988 killing nearly 5,000 people. However, the Zionist dogs don’t bark at Washington which sold mustard gas and sarin gas to Saddam Hussein in order to be used against Iranian civilians during the 8-year Iraq-Iran War which Saddam Hussein did to recapture Halabja from Iranian fighters.

There are over 200,000 Jew Kurds living in the Zionist entity over properties stolen from Palestinians.

On August 7, 2017, Israel’s former foreign minister Shlomo Ben-Ari in an Op-Ed at the Project Syndicate Org. urged Washington to snatch Muslim Kurd majority territories from Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran to establish an Israel-friendly Kurdish state.

Turkish, Iranian and Arab press have reported a secret deal between Barzani and Netanyahu under which Israel would allow its Kurd Jew citizen to resettle in an independent state of Kurdistan.

Watch below 2014 BBC debate in which former MP George Galloway accused former British home secretary Jacqueline Jill Smith (Jew) of murdering one million Iraqi civilians during US-Iraq War. Jacqui resigned in 2009 after she admitted that her husband Richard Timney loved watching porn movies.

Let me just say, I knew he had used porn. Did he use it very much? No. Having said that, there were two movies on the same week,” Jacqui Smith said.


3 responses to “Iraq: No ‘second Israel’ on its territory

  1. The Halabja incident was a cock up by the Iranians who gassed the Kurds in Halabja by mistake. I had an email exchange with a senior CIA analyst, Stephen Pelletiere, who was sent to investigate what had happened in Halabja. As Pelletiere pointed out to me the gas that killed the Kurds at Halabja was not available to Iraq. He knew this because it was the US who supplied chemical weapons to Iraq and they had not supplied Iraq with whatever killed the Kurds.

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