Judea declares war on North Korea

On September 4, 2017, the editorial board at the pro-Israel Wall Street Journal (WSJ) came up with a Talmudic way to accomplish a pro-Israel regime change in North Korea.

In the editorial post, entitled, “Options for Removing Kim Jong Un“, the warmongering Jews criticized Washington for never using all its tools to topple the North Korean regime.”

The North is especially vulnerable to pressure this year because a severe drought from April to June reduced the early grain harvest by 30%. If the main harvest is also affected, Pyongyang may need to import more food while sanctions restrict its ability to earn foreign currency,” says the editorial.

The proposed “options” are not much different than what the Zionist regime has been carrying out against the 1.7 million Palestinians inside Gaza ghetto since 2006 – such as block import of necessary foodstuff, essential medicines, target assassination, power shortage, etc.

WSJ is a prominent member of Israel’s Hasbara (propaganda) Committee. It has US lawmakers’ ears when it comes to anti-Muslim propaganda (here, here, here). Some of its reporters have caught spying for Israeli Mossad such as Daniel Pearl who was later immortalized by president Barack Obama by signing Daniel Pearl Act 2009 which serves as Bible for USAID distribution world-wide – 46% of which ends up in the Zionist regime’s pockets.

On September 18, 2017, American journalist and author Mike Whitney in an article slammed the sick mentality of WSJ editors – all Zionists.

And look how cheery they sound about the fact that “40% of the population is (already) undernourished”, as if they’re already halfway towards their goal. Hurrah for the US embargo, still inflicting misery on innocent people some 6 decades after the war!

It’s sick!

Who are these people who grow up in our midst, attend our schools and universities, live in the same neighborhoods , and go to the same churches? Where do these monsters come from?

On October 18, 2002, UK’s Guardian newspaper accused Pakistan for helping North Korea in developing its nuclear bomb. On September 25, 2016, Hindu writer Madhav Nalapat claimed at the Sunday Guardian that North Korean nuclear bomb was made in Pakistan.

On March 26, 2017, Sebastein Roblin at the Israeli propaganda website, The National Interest, whined: “While the United States is preoccupied by the threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of potential adversaries such as Russia, China or North Korea, the danger of nuclear conflict may actually be greatest between two of its allies, Pakistan and India.”

As expected, the Zionist Jew idiot didn’t mention Israeli hands behind India’s nuclear threat to both China and Pakistan and Israel’s transfer of America’s nuclear technology to its Hindutva ally India.


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