Netanyahu on a lying trip to Argentina

Zionist prime minister Netanyahu held a meeting with his buddy, Argentinian president Mauricio Marci in Buenos Aires on Tuesday. He told reporters that during the former presidents Nestor Kirchner and later his wife Cristina Kirchner, (2003-2015) Buenos Aires had been anti-Israel but things have changed as Marci takes Israel a role model to follow.

The above statement proves once again that Netanyahu is a compulsive liar. On October 27, 2010, JTA had reported that Jewish groups in Argentina and United States mourned the death of Nestor Kirchner who was considered a great friend of Jews and Israel.

Together with the people of Argentina, we are profoundly saddened by the tragic loss of President Kirchner. He worked hard combating antisemitism in Argentina and furthering the investigation into the bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center building in Buenos Aires,” said American Jewish Committee Executive Director David Harris.

Bombing of Israeli embassy (1992) and AMIA (1994) in Buenos Aires were false flag operations conducted by Israeli Mossad with the help of local intelligence agency. Former Argentina Jewish interior minister, Carlos Vladimir Corach was charged for paying US$400,000 to put the blame on Lebanese Hizbullah for the bombing.

After the defeat of Adolf Hitler, a Crypto Zionist – hundred of Zionist-Nazi took refuge in Argentina such as Adolf Eichmann.

A pro-Israel Argentina is a fantasy of the hardcore Zionists. The Patagonia Region was the first choice of Theodor Herzl for proposed homeland for European Jewry to escape centuries-old antisemitism in Christian Europe from where they had been expelled 108 times. The fertile and full of natural resources, the region spans five provinces in Argentina, Chile, and Falkland, home to UK’s nuclear military base.


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