September 1948 – Hindus kill 40,000 Muslims in Hyderabad

India’s anti-Muslim ruling party BJP’s president Amit Shah is running a campaign demanding of the Telangana government of Chandrasekhar Rao to officially celebrate September 17 as Telangana (Hyderabad) Liberation Day in order to whitewash Hindu murder of 40,000 Muslims in Hyderabad state during September 13-18, 1948.

Rao is dragging on this issue fearing that such move would result in his TRS party losing Hyderabad-Muslim votes. Muslims still make 15% of Telangana state population.

This was India’s second major military action (Operation Polo) against princely state whose Muslim ruler Nizam Osman Ali Khan had rejected appeals from Indian prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Indian Governor General Lord Louis Mountbatten (died 1979) to join Indian Union. The Nizam, world’s richest man (watch below), wanted his Hindu-majority princely state to become and independent nation by not joining either Hindu-majority India or Muslim-majority Pakistan.

Before invading Hyderabad, Nehru-Mountbatten had sent Indian army on October 22, 1947 to occupy Muslim-majority princely state of Jammu and Kashmir on the lame excuse that its Hindu ruler Hari Singh wanted to join Indian Union even though his Muslim subjects wanted him to join Pakistan.

Nehru-headed Congress Party, BJP, RSS and other anti-Muslim Hindu extremists groups were very scared to see a Muslim-ruled independent state within Hindu-ruled India.

After the annexation Hyderabad state, in late November 1948 Nehru  appointed an inquiry commission headed by Hindu lawmaker Pandit Sunderlal to investigate Indian army and Hindu mobs’ mass killing and rape of Muslim population of Hyderabad. Its report into what happened was never published and few in India know about the massacre in which 40,000 Muslims lost their lives. Critics have accused successive Indian governments of continuing a cover-up.

Many were lined up and shot by Indian Army soldiers. The rest were rapped and butchered by Hindu mobs.

In 2013, historian Sunil Purushotham from the University of Cambridge was able to obtain a copy of the Sunderlal Report as part of his team-research. The team members visited dozens of villages throughout the Indian-occupied Hyderabad state.

Purushotham claimed that he had absolutely unimpeachable evidence to the effect that there were instances in which men belonging to the Indian Army and also to the local police took part in looting and even other crimes. “During our tour we gathered, at not a few places, that soldiers encouraged, persuaded and in a few cases even compelled the Hindu mob to loot Muslim shops and houses.”

The team reported that while Muslim villagers were disarmed by the Indian Army, Hindus were often left with their weapons. The mob violence that ensued was often led by Hindu paramilitary groups.

In other cases, it said, Indian soldiers themselves took an active hand in the butchery: “At a number of places members of the armed forces brought out Muslim adult males from villages and towns and massacred them in cold blood.”

For the last 70 years, Hindu historians have been distorting the history of the 1947 partition of the British occupied Indo-subcontinent by falsely blaming it on All India Muslim League and its leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, president of All India Congress Party at the time of partition and later India’s first education minister until his death in 1958, in his book, India Wins Freedom, claims that Nehru, Patel, Mountbatten and Gandhi were more responsible for the partition of India than Jinnah.


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