Netanyahu, Nikki Haley and the ‘Iranophobia’

On Monday, IAEA director general Yukiya Amano confirmed once again that Tehran has lived to its commitments under the 2015 P5+1 and Iran nuclear agreement.

The nuclear-related commitments undertaken by Iran under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) are being implemented,” Yukiya Amano told the IAEA Board of Governors in Vienna, Austria.

However, Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Zionist-bitch at the United Nations, Nikki Haley refused to accept Amano’s word.

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu had been suffering from Iranophobia since 1980 after Israel lost its best Muslim ally King Reza Shah Pahlavi (died 1980 in Cairo). Since 1990s he has been claiming that Iran is about to get its nuke in 3-year; 2-year, one year, six month and next month. Since Jewish army’s military humiliation at hands of Iran’s Lebanese ally Hizbullah in 2006, Netanyahu has realized that in-spite 400 Jewish nukes under its belt, Israel cannot defeat Iran in a conventional war.

Top American military officials are on record that Israel cannot win war with Iran without active US military support.

Former US vice-president Joe Biden who during his last month in office declared Pakistan, Russia and N. Korea as Axis of Evil – told God’s Chosen people at the Ahavath Achim synagogue in Atlanta in 2015 that Netanyahu was behind US-Iran conflict.

Nikki Haley was a keynote speaker at the Israel lobby American Enterprise Institute (AEI) on September 5, 2017. Arthur C. Brooks, a Zionist Jew is the current president of AEI. In her speech she proved to be a far better professional liar than Benjamin Netanyahu.

On August 29, Philip Giraldi wrote that both Iran and Syria don’t pose any threat to nuclear Israel. It’s Lebanese Hizbullah which the Israeli leaders fear the most.

“Hezbollah would undoubtedly unleash its missile arsenal against Israeli cities, some of which would get through, and any attack on Iran using aircraft would be confronted by formidable air defenses. Iran could also strike back against Israel using its ballistic missiles, all of which means that attacking Iran would be far from cost-free,” Giraldi said.

It seems Israeli leaders are planning preemptive airstrikes directed against an Iranian target inside Syria. The danger is that such a move could quickly escalate, with the US Congress and White House quickly aligning themselves with Netanyahu. The United States has no real compelling interest to attack the Iranians and would again find itself in a conflict generated by feckless regional allies that are not allies at all. The results could prove catastrophic in practical terms as Iran is capable of striking back, and it could be devastating to actual American longer terms interests both regionally and worldwide. It is time to say “no” when Israel comes knocking, Giraldi added.

British veteran diplomat Peter Jenkins in a recent article exposed Haley’s outrageous lies about Iran.

Haley is cross with many of her diplomatic colleagues at the United Nations. They choose to “ignore” Iran’s “blatant violations” of the UN resolution (2231) that endorses the JCPOA. Perhaps they are simply better able than she to distinguish between resolution provisions that are legally binding and provisions that are mere exhortations. Her address is unworthy of a US ambassador to the United Nations. It advances reasons for terminating the JCPOA that are spurious, contrived, and dishonest. It paints a picture of Iranian behavior that is so monochrome as to lack all credibility as a representation of reality,” Jenkins said.

Please, America, cleanse your political arena of such scoundrels before it is too late! They have it in them to destroy the human race,” Jenkins advised Netanyahu’s poodle Donald Trump.


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