Yair Netanyahu’s antisemitic cartoon

The anti-Semitic cartoon published on Yair Netanyahu's Facebook.

Yair Netanyahu, Zionist prime minister’s son and man behind his social media stunts, beat Hungary’s Viktor Orban in hating the Hungarian- US Jew multibillionaire George Soro.

On Saturday, Yair posted a cartoon on his Facebook page portraying George Soro being the Jew Kingmaker who controls the Western World.

The cartoon (above) depicts George Soro dangling a globe in front of a lizard, which in turn dangle a Reptilian (a self-hating Jew) sign which in turn dangle money to Manny Naftali, the former superintendent of the Netanyahu’s residence, who is at the forefront of the campaign to put pressure on the police to indict Netanyahu and his wife Sarah for corruption, being baited by Israeli politico Eldad Yaniv, who is seen baited by former defense/prime minister Gen. Ehud Barak.

Yair published the cartoon after his mother, Sara, was officially told on Friday that she would face fraud charges for misusing public funds in her management of the prime minister’s official residence. The Netanyahu family has repeatedly sought to place the blame for those misused funds squarely on Naftali.

On Twitter Ehud Barak asked: “Is this the boy hear at home? Is it genetic or his own mental illness? No matter, in any rate, we should pay for his mental therapist and not his security detail and personal driver.”

In a comment at twitter Dr. David Duke said it’s good to know Yair acknowledged the truth.

George Soro is declared persona non grata in both Hungary and Russia. He is also hated by Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is visiting three Latin American countries, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico to seek their support against Syria, Iran and Palestinian Authority during the UN General Assembly meeting next month.


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