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Nikki Haley – US-Israeli propagandist at UN


On Monday, the US ambassador at the United Nations, Israel First Nikki Haley speaking at the UN Security Council accused North Korean president Kim Jong Un of begging for war with his continued defiance of Western sanctions by barring his country from missile and nuclear tests.

Haley has proved to be an Indian-Sikh imitation of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a world renowned serial liar. Her foreign policy experience has consisted of the past few months as Uncle Sam’s permanent representative at the United Nations – but during this period she has assumed the role of chief public thrasher of Israel’s enemies such as Iran, Syria and North Korea.

One has to excuse Haley for her ignorance of the Korean genocide carried out by the United States in the 1950s. American historian, professor Bruce Cuming (University of Chicago) told the Jew Newsweek recently: “Most Americans are completely unaware that we destroyed more cities in the North Korea than we did in Japan and Germany during WWII. Every North Korean knows about this, it’s drilled into their minds. We never hears about it.”

As I explained in an earlier post that North Korea like Iran doesn’t pose any threat to United States but it’s conceived a threat to the Zionist regime through its alliance with Iran and Pakistan.

Toronto-based international criminal lawyer Christopher Black who visited North Korea, wrote in March 2017: “It appeared to us then and it is apparent now, in absolute contradiction to the claims of the western media, that the people of the DPRK want peace more than anything else so they can get on with their lives and endeavours without the constant threat of nuclear annihilation by the United States. But annihilation is what they in fact face and whose fault is that? Not theirs (here).”

It’s estimated that during the Korean War (1950-53) American bombing killed more than 20% of entire North population and destroyed nearly 50% of country’s infrastructure. However, after such huge devastations and several decades of the US-Israeli economic sanctions – North Koreans have access to free education and medical-care while 32 million Americans cannot read or write. More than 31 million Americans cannot afford proper medical-care.

But United States had US$597 billion to spend on its military posted in over 127 foreign countries last year. As compare to the US, North Korea spent US$4.17 on its defense forces last year.

On September 6, Robin Wright posted her Talmudic forecast at the Jew Yorker  that though almost 30% of North Korean population of 25 million works as part of country’s defense forces – “North Korea would lose the war. The regime of Kim Jong Un would probably collapse.”