Zionists and Nazis – Birds of a feather?

 If one study European history during WWII from some objective source, he would come out of his coma after finding out that Zionist Jew terrorist militias which became Israel Occupation Force (IOF) in 1949, had collaborated with Hitler and Mussolini. But Zionists hatred and barbarism toward Arabs and Muslims far exceed Nazis hatred toward Jews, Christians and Gypsies put together.

Last week, this evilness was revealed by Israeli justice minister Ayelet Shaked, confirming that Zionists hate religious morality, human rights and universal justice. Ms. Shaked is not only a politician, but also considered Rati Devi, the goddess of sexuality. Last year, a nude portrait of Ayelet Shaked by an Israeli artist Yam Amrani was removed from exhibition at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

In June 2017, Patrick J. McShay posted an article describing how the United States has turned into another Zionist-Nazi entity – full of religious bigotry, racism, anti-human rights and a mass-killing.

The Middle East slaughter, or Crusade as George the dumber once awkwardly called it, before the war cabinet settled on the ominous sounding War on Terror has been chiseled into the minds of the American public through years of government lies, propaganda, brainwashing,  shady dossiers and anonymous sources. After Die Hard, almost 30 years ago,  movie bad guys were mostly Arabs, to embed the demonization into the American psyche. This barrage of disinformation would have never been successful without the mainstream news and their highly paid teleprompter readers, mindlessly reading government approved propaganda. Their reporting is producing grave results for the poor people we are claiming to liberate,” said McShay.

The big lie of course, is why we are in the Middle East in the first place. Once you understand that, you begin to understand a lot about US  foreign  policy and why we are spending trillions of dollars, bankrupting our country and cutting programs that benefit American Citizens. Most will believe the government explanation when the next false flag gas attack in Syria occurs, because they still believe that Al-Qaeda was behind 911. ISIS, of course, the new boogeyman invented by the Pentagon, will carry the terror baton for the Pentagram until they serve their evil purpose. ISIS is the mysterious army of murderous miscreants, who seem to hate everyone, and have attacked, Muslims, Christians and every country in the area with the exception of Israel. A specter of evil right out bad guy central casting. Mr Orwell would be impressed. Turns out, Al Baghdadi, the leader of this so called army of scary Arabs, who are torturing, raping and killing people of all faiths, is an Israeli Mossad trained Jew. As a matter of fact, most in the US are unaware that there is mounting evidence that the US Government, their NATO Allies, the psychopathic Saudi’s and our BFF’s the Israeli’s are arming, funding and training several terrorist groups in the Middle East including ISIS and Al Qaeda. What is John Traitor McCain’s role in all of this. Saudi Arabia has recently given  Traitor McCain’s corrupt foundation a million dollars. Suspicious? You bet. just the past week Syria has accused Israel of twice bombing Syrian positions in support of ISIS. Israel is making Billions of dollars in oil profits on land stolen from Syria in the Golan Heights. Now they are bombing them. Where is the international outrage?,” adds McShay.


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