Israel: Iran is not leaving Syria

Last month, Zionist entity’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mossad head Yossi Cohen claimed that the defeat of ISIS in Syria was in fact a victory for Iran.

Ronen Solomon, Israeli military analyst in his recent research report for Israel Occupation Force (IOF) has also agreed with the country’s serial liar Netanyahu.

Iran has transported armaments and fighters, especially those belonging to Hizbullah assisting the Assad regime in Syria. Estimates say 21,000 passengers and 5,000 tons of supply have passed between the Tehran and Abadan route to Damascus. Flights leave at night to prevent satellite monitoring. Iran has started operating assembly and unloading points, reflecting recent news the Islamic republic started constructing armament production infrastructures in Syria and Lebanon, including long-range missile manufacturing plants,” says Solomon’s research.

Netanyahu told Russian president Vladimir Putin about Solomon’s research which didn’t convince Putin during their recent meeting in Sochi.

Last Thursday, a senior delegation of Israelis started consultations with their US counterparts to begin planning a wider strategy to pressure Iran, Hezbollah and other Shiite militias to leave Syria as, they hope, the war in Syria peters out,” wrote Eli Lake at Jewish Bloomberg website on August 23, 2017.

Franklin Lamb, PhD, US-Christian academic, writer and author of 1983 book, Sabra-Shatilla Massacre, based on his wife’s Janet Lee Stephen’s (died 1983) testimony on what the Israeli army and its Lebanese Christian ally Fhalangist militants did inside those two Palestinian refugee camps on September 15-18, 1982. The 1,700 refugees butchered by the anti-Muslim bastard were mainly children and women.

Lamb has lived in Lebanon since 1980s. After the US-Israeli insurgency in Syria, he has been living in Damascus. He works with Christian charity, Meal for Syrian Refugee Children, Lebanon. He is also a visiting professor at Oxford Universities Middle East Center, St Anthony’s College, UK.

Last month Dr. Lamb in a talk he held at Oxford University said that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has succeeded in securing his authority for the time-being – thanks to Iranian and Hizbullah help.

According to Syrian and Russian military sources in Syria with whom I have discussed this subject at length, Iran has no plans to leave Syria. It plans to stay. Given growing fatigue by opposition supporters here in the region there is not much the West wants or can do about this reality short of another long-term war in this seemingly cursed region. There is also little that the Russians can do about this reality although they are increasingly unhappy about what they are witnessing from Tehran and its Shia militia across the region,” said Lamb.

The Jewish army is too weak to fight a conventional war with Iran. It has been defeated by Hizbullah fighters in South Lebanon in 2000 and 2006 while its proxies Syrian rebels have finally been routed out. It’s Israel’s nuclear arsenal which it has used to bully its Muslim neighbor and its western allies.


One response to “Israel: Iran is not leaving Syria

  1. Iran is helping it’s neighbors. The good ole boys from Talmudistan want to control/own Syria and treat surviving Syrians like dirt.

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