Poland fires tourism boss over insulting Auschwitz

The organized Jewry has always obsessed with Holocaust and Antisemitism – and for good reasons because without these two forgeries it cannot control the Western world.

The Jewish-controlled media never misses a chance to provide its readers the daily dose about these two pillars of Zionist occupation of Palestine which most of the time is laughable.

On Wednesday, Polish tourism minister Witold Banka fired the president Poland’s National Tourist Organization Marek Olszewski over his statement which was declared antisemitic by the country’s powerful Jewish Lobby.

As the head of the Polish Tourist Organization, who loves his country, I want to show its best side, through our monuments, culture, hospitality, wonderful music. Auschwitz is not a tourist product but a place of martyrology, reverie and reflection, and we are promoting Poland as an attractive tourist destination. I do not need to expose places and events connected with the history of other nations,” Olszewski said in an article published in Gazeta Wyborcza on Wednesday.

He added: “It was Poles, not the Jewish elites, that were completely plowed and liquidated during the war. Let us remember that the whole Jewish culture in practice has survived.”

Marek Olszewski is said to be a former member of Poland’s nationalist Law and Justice party which believes in Poland First.

Poland is dotted with organized Jewry’s relics. In addition to Auschwitz, there is a Holocaust Museum in Warsaw and even a Gravestone Museum. In 1999, Holocaust studies were made mandatory for the non-Jewish Polish students of 13-19 year of age. Since then the Holocaust has been taught in various forms on different levels of education, mainly in history classes but also during Polish literature, civic education, and extracurricular lessons.

Over 92% of Polish people follow the Catholic Church. Thus they should be grateful to Jews for giving them John Paul II whose mother Emilia Kaczorowski (born Emily Katz) was Jewish.

Poland under the Piast dynasty maintained diplomatic and trade relations with the Ottoman Empire for nearly 400 years. In 1795, partitions conducted by the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Austria were completed, and Poland disappeared from the map for the next 123 years. Throughout that period the Ottoman Empire protected Polish interests. It became a second home for many Poles, who, after settling in Istanbul or Anatolia were not just ordinary refugees but they contributed greatly to Turkey’s development.

Islam was brought to Poland by Muslim Tatars expelled by the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin who is admired by the organized Jewry for first Jewish state in Soviet Union in 1934. Currently, there are 35,000 Polish Muslims among country’s 38 million people. But thanks to the organized Jewry and its White supremacist allies – Poland is Europe’s second most Islamophobic nation after France.


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