Netanyahu begs UN chief to bomb Iran and Hizbullah

On August 28, UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres, a friend of Israel, from Portugal held a meeting with the Zionist professional liar Netanyahu in Tel Aviv. During the meeting Netanyahu, as expected, tried to fill Guterres’ ears with lies about Israel’s existential threats from Iran and Hizbullah.

The Jewish army has not tested Iranian army so far, but it had been defeated by Hizbullah fighters 3-times since 2000.

Last week, Netanyahu ranted the same lies during a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin – but since Russia loves to dip into Iran’s US$410 billion annual economy and its help to stabilize Syria which is home to Russia’s only foreign air force base – he refused to buy Netanyahu’s lies such as Iran controls governments in Damascus, Baghdad and Beirut. He also claimed that Iran is building its military bases in Syria, and arms factories in Lebanon which would be used to attack the Zionist entity in the future.

Since 2006, Netanyahu has never stopped recycling Wipe Israel off the Map lie in support of his propaganda against Tehran. Iran has not attacked any of its neighbors for the last 150 years while Israel has invaded each and every neighbor of it since 1948.

Netanyahu also accused the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) for not reporting rockets fired by Hizbullah over Israeli civilians occupying Lebanon’s Sheba Farms and Syrian Golan Heights. The UNIFIL has long been infiltrated by Mossad agents. Both the US and Israel has long been using UNIFIL to blame Hizbullah for the murder of former prime minister Rafik Harriri, a supporter of Hizbullah.

There is no proof that Iran is building military bases in either Syria, Lebanon or Iraq. Furthermore, Iran is not building any arms manufacturing facilities in Beirut for Hizbullah. We heard a similar lie about Iran’s missile factory in Khartoum.


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