UK minister: Britain is a great friend of Israel

uk thought police .png

British minister for the Middle East, MP Alistair Burt, just completed a 3-day visit to the Zionist entity. During his visit he discussed with Netanyahu and other Zionist leaders about the threat of Iran filling the vacuum created in both Iraq and Syria in the aftermath of the defeat of ISIS. During the trip, he also celebrated the launch of a new fleet of El Al planes powered by the British Rolls Royce engines.

In a speech at the launching ceremony, Alistair Burt said: Britain was and is a great friend of Israel.

Last week, Burt landed in Egypt as part of his Friends of Israel tour of the region which took him to UAE and Bahrain. While in Egypt, Burt penned an Op-Ed published in Egypt’s Al-Ahram daily newspaper in which he boasted about British efforts against terrorism domestically and internationally, as well as the UK’s keenness to respect civil and religious freedoms while countering extremism.

Although Britain has not decided to ban the Muslim Brotherhood organization as other countries have done, the UK has tightened monitoring on the activities of the group and visa requests by its members, and is also monitoring sources of funding for the Brotherhood,” Burt said in the Op-Ed.

Donald Trump is expected to ban Muslim Brotherhood as demanded by John Bolton (Jew), Brookings Institute and many other Jewish advocacy groups. It is already banned in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Last year, Alistair Burt resigned as health minister after Brexit vote.

I wonder if Alistair Burt knows that Israeli lawmakers think of British politicians as Zionist dogs. I must say, British artist and author Alison Chabloz is more patriotic than Theresa May’s entire cabinet.

On August 26, Israeli-born British author Gilad Atzmon described UK’s slavish nature on his Facebook page (see above). I still remember his January 25, 2008 post entitled, Two Jewish Jokes which described Britain’s corrupt democracy.


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