India: Guru’s rape trail cost 100 lives

On Friday, in the town of Panchkula (Haryana, India), Hindu mobs set fire to government buildings and attacked police and TV journalists, smashing windshields of 200 cars, vans and buses while breaking broadcast equipment after a court announced Guru Singh Ji-Insan also known GRR, guilty of rapping two of his young Hindu female disciples. The authorizes imposed curfew after the religious riots left more 100 dead and 200 injured (watch video below).

Thousands of men and women, some with children and babies came to support their Guruji. The Hindu sect claims to have 60 million members. It promotes vegetarianism and campaigns against drug addiction.

Initially a Congress party supporter, Gurmeet Ram Singh but campaigned for the ruling BJP party and other Hindu extremist groups in 2014 with the sect backing the Saffron Party in that year’s Lok Sabha and Haryana assembly elections.

Guru Singhji has cultivated a larger than life image in the region, largely because of the complete immunity and encouragement given to him by the political class. It is no secret that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party embraced this guru, seeking his support and fanning his Hindu extremism during the state elections even as he moved from a ‘guru’ to a rock star with albums and movies under his belt.

Guruji’s sexual exploitation became known when on September 25, 2002, Chandigarh-based Punjabi newspaper Desh Sewak published a letter written by a girl repeatedly rapped by GRR, addressed to then Congress party Indian prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee in 2002. In the letter she claimed that GRR kept captive and rapped many girls with the threat of killing their parents if they dared to talk to police or their friends.

Indian intellectuals are so fed-up with BJP’s Hindutva fascism that former Indian Supreme Court Justice Markandey Katju (a Kashmiri Brahmin) said last year in public that the “only way to save India is a revolution with politicians hung or shot.” The situation in India under Modi is not much different in United States under Trump administration.

On August 26, 2017, India’s Lt. Gen. (ret) P.C. Katoch’s article, entitled, Empire of a Rapist and Collusion of the State: 12 Questions, is worth reading. Katoch accuses the central and provincial governments and the law enforcement agencies of collaborating with the pro-GRR mob.

In India, a woman is rapped every 30 seconds while in United States, a woman is raped every 70 seconds.


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