Australia: Preparing for the next ‘false flag’

On August 20, Australia’s Zionist Jew prime minister Moishe Turnbull announced his government’s tough anti-terror policy in the wake of the recent Barcelona car terror. In order to prove his government’s seriousness to fight terrorism, created mostly by country’s ally Israel (here, here, here).

As we have seen from tragic events in Paris, London, Berlin and Barcelona, terrorists continue to target crowded places,” he said.

During his tough-talking at a Sydney news conference, Turnbull was escorted by Israel-Firsts such as New South Wales Minister for Police Troy Grant, the NSW Minister for Counter-Terrorism David Elliott, the Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin, the NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller, and the Commonwealth Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Tony Sheehan.

Turnbull reminded the reporters the threat posed to areas frequented by the humble civilian: sports stadium; pedestrian malls; shopping centers. “Offenders with guns or knives or bombs or chemical devices are also a threat, it’s a full range of threats. But what Nice demonstrated was the lethality of somebody using a truck in a crowded place.”

The Australian and Israeli spy-agencies, national security agencies and police is known for their collaboration. The Israel Occupation Force’s (IOF) former sniper Avi Yemeni operates a IOF training center in Caulfield.

Last year, Australian Anti Defamation Commission, chased India-born billionaire Senator Malcolm Roberts who was invited to speak about the dangers of Muslim migration to Australia at a Jewish forum.

Senator Roberts is entitled to criticize the council and the way it operates, but to employ the accusation of antisemitism as a weapon to attack an institution crosses the line, is obscene, and only undermines those who combat real acts of bigotry and racism against the Jewish community. It’s also an insult to the six million Jews killed by Nazis,” said Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission.

Sen. Matt Canavan (Jew), who just resigned as minister for resources and northern Austria, after he was exposed of holding Italian citizenship, supported the same sex marriage.

Last year, Australian psychologist Hanan Dover was chased by the Murdoch’s anti-Muslim Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, and The Australian. Her crime – she wear hijab, she believes that Islamic Shri’ah doesn’t pose any threat to the world – and its followers don’t murder members of LGBT community.


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