Lobby: Jews are leaving West in large numbers!

The two main pillars of Zionist occupation of Palestine in 1948 was based on; 1) Centuries-old hatred of Jews among the Christian West, and 2) the Nazis’ murder of six million Jews during WWII. However, both have been proven historic lies.

  1. Most of the leaders of the Zionist movement were known for their hatred of fellow Jews. Since the establishment of the Zionist entity in 1948, the good-old European Jew terrorist organizations have been committing faked terrorist events to terrorize the Jewish communities around the world while the Zionist regime and the local Jew leaders and rabbis calling Jews to immigrate to the only safe place for Jews – Israel.
  2. It’s well documented that a large number of Frankist and Zionist Jews had collaborated with Nazis in order to force European Jews to migrate to British occupied Palestine (here, here, here).

Every time there a terrorist attack in Europe or Latin America, we hear whining all over the Jewish controlled media of Jews planning to leave the country to escape rise in antisemitism. For example, in 2014, France’s powerful Jewish Lobby CRIF claimed that 74% of country’s 600,000 Jews are planning to leave the country to escape antisemitism. After the Paris attack, Netanyahu claimed that France was not safe for Jews and they should migrate to Israel. Last year, the Newsweek reported that 7,000 millionaires flee France in 2015 alone. After the recent Barcelona van attack, Netanyahu advised Spanish Jews to migrate to Israel.

Jewish-controlled media has also claimed that Jews are leaving Ukraine in large numbers – and from Russia as result of Putin’s anti-Israel policies.

The irony is, Israeli Jews are immigrating in large numbers to Western countries to escape bloodshed in occupied Palestine or for better employment opportunities.

American Author and journalist Robert Fantina in a recent article entitled, Barcelona Attack: Another Excuse to Bolster Apartheid Regime of Israel.

It sometimes seems that Zionists will use any excuse whatsoever to bolster the apartheid regime of Israel. After a terrorist attack in France in 2016, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged French Jews to immigrate to Israel, where they could live, he assured them, in peace and security, oppressing all non-Jews, taking their homes and lands, and assuring that any non-Jew had second class citizenship. It did not appear that this most gracious invitation resulted in a headlong rush of French Jews to the Land of Apartheid,” Fantina said.

Now Spain has been victimized by a terrorist attack, and a prominent rabbi, one Meir Bar-Hen, is issuing the same invitation to Spanish Jews. He said this ‘Jews are not here permanently. I tell my congregants: Don’t think we’re here for good. And I encourage them to buy property in Israel’,” adds Fantina.

Would they find Israel a peaceful Utopia? Not when Arab and Black citizens have far fewer rights than Israelis. There can be no real peace when the nation steals land, housing, water and other resources from the oppressed Palestinians. An occupying nation is not at peace; its resources must go to continuing the occupation, and much as the US finances it all, it takes a toll on government revenues,” says Fantina.


2 responses to “Lobby: Jews are leaving West in large numbers!

  1. Brother Rehmat, you wrote ” 1) Centuries-old hatred of Jews among the Christian West, and 2) the Nazis’ murder of six million Jews during WWII. However, both have been proven historic lies.”

    Correct, the nazis did not murder 6 million Jews, this is referred to as the Holocaust.

    But the Jews have been hated not only by Christians, but everywhere they set their foot. What do you think people feel when feeling the “compassion”
    of the Jews:

    1. Forbidden to save the Non-Jew from death. The Non-Jew must not know about it, deceive him to avoid retribution

    2. Cheating and conspiring against the Non-Jews

    3. “The Non-jew is not human”

    4. “Human”-sacrifice of Non-Jews is not murder, but requires benediction

    Reports of ritual human sacrifice during 2000 years

    5. Climax of Judaism is the enslavement or extermination of the Non-Jews

    The problem with this, is that Jews who have this as their wettest dream, is that these are not beggars but have the might to make these dreams come true.

    They own too much, have too much influence and have a criminal religion which they hide from us and they want to kill us.

    Let them move to Madagascar or do away with them!

    • You have described the Jews who follow Talmud and not the MOSES LAW.

      In the West, there are more than 100 million Christian Zionists and Evangelicals who support the Israeli Jews no matter what they do because these brainwashed religious fanatics believe that only when all Jews will gather in Holy Land (Palestine), their Lord Christ will re-appear to convert 13 million Jews to Christianity and kill those Jews who refuse his second call.

      I assure you, though in minority, there are good Jews who hate the Organized Jewry and oppose Israeli ZioNazi policies more than Christian religious and political leaders.

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