Tanzania fines Canadian Barrick Gold $190 billion

Last month Tanzania president John Magufuli, nicknamed The Bulldozer, fined Toronto-based Barrick Gold’s African subsidiary, Acacia Mining, US$190 billion over avoiding paying royalties and taxes between 2000-2017.

At least 22 people have been killed and 69 injured near or at the Tanzania’s North Mara mine since 2014. Most of the victims were impoverished villagers who scratch rocks for tiny bits of gold and who often mined these territories prior to Barrick’s arrival. An early 2016 government report found security and police paid by Barrick had killed 65 people and injured 270 at North Mara since 2006. Tanzanian human rights groups estimate as many 300 mine related deaths while not a single police officer or security guard working for the company has been killed on duty.

The Barrick Gold has a long history of human rights violations, child labor, environment pollution, etc. In 2014 it fired its senior environment engineer Raman Autar over reporting environmental violations in Argentina.

The Barrick Gold have mining operations in Canada, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Dominic Republic, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Zambia and United States. In 2015, it joined a Chinese state mining company for gold and silver mining in African countries.

The Barrick Gold Corporation is world’s largest gold mining company. It was founded in 1983 by Hungarian-Canadian Zionist racist Jew billionaire Perter Munk. Its board of directors include Dubya George Bush and former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney. In 2010, Munk donated $35 million to established the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto which has been used as a propaganda tool to whitewash Barrick Gold and Israeli crimes. Munk never shied about insulting anti-Israel world leaders. For example, he had compared late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez with Adolf Hitler.

Muslims are in majority in Tanzania (45 million) followed by Animists and Christians. The Zanzibar archipelago is 99% Muslim.


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