China slams Trump over anti-Pakistan rant

On Tuesday, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi reaffirmed Beijing’s support to Islamabad during a meeting with foreign secretary Tehmina Janjua hours after Donald Trump’s anti-Pakistan rant during his bomb, bomb Afghanistan policy for allegedly providing ‘safe haven’ to terrorist groups such as Taliban and Kashmiri resistance groups.

Interestingly, Trump forgot to accuse Islamabad of sheltering Baloch terrorists who are involved in terrorist activities against Islamabad and Tehran. These terrorists are armed and trained by the US and Israel.

During Tuesday’s meeting in China, Yi and Janjua agreed that Pakistan and China would continue cooperating with each other closely in efforts to establish peace in Afghanistan.

Lately both Russia and Iran have shown their interest in joining Pakistan-China efforts to end the 16-year-old bloodshed in Afghanistan.

Afghan president Ashraf Ghani, a Zionist poodle applauded Trump’s lies about Pakistan and Taliban. US Sen. John McCain, an American traitor, an open critic of Donald Trump, said the strategy shift is necessary – and should have been made long ago, when Barack Obama was in the White House.

Pakistan’s army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor told reporters on Monday that whatever Trump’s decision on Afghanistan, “Pakistan shall do whatever is best in the national interest.” He also added that Pentagon is making Pakistan a scapegoat to hide its defeat in Afghanistan.

In February 2017, nine pro-Israel think tanks urged Donald Trump to bring a regime change in Islamabad.

Pakistan-China friendship goes back to 1948, when Pakistan became the first Muslim country to recognized Communist China even a decade before Pakistan joined US Axis. The friendship was tested in 1971 when China supported Pakistan against Indian attack on East Pakistan – now Bangladesh.

In 2011, China warned United States that an attack on Pakistan would be taken as an attack on China itself.

The United States is seriously concerned about the growing alliance between Pakistan and China, prompting Washington to make a big bet on India, says Vzglyad, a Russian online newspaper.

Both China and Pakistan need each for national interests. A strong and stable Pakistan is very important for China’s reach to the outside world via Arabian Sea. That’s the reason China has built Gwadar Port and other infrastructure in Balochistan. Pakistan on its part needs Chinese investment and a veto power on its side at the UNSC.


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