WaPo honors John McCain

It pays to serve Israel, JewsThe Jewish Daily Forward survey of top 60 leaders of Jew NGOs (From US$160,000 to US$855,000 per year for Richard Joel).

On May 22, 2017, American Jew billionaire Jeff Bezos’ (82 billion) Washington Post in an editorial post projected Sen. John McCain as a role model for the world leaders who wish to serve humanity.

And all over this world, Mr. McCain is associated with freedom and democracy. He has championed human rights with verve and tirelessness  – speaking out against repression and authoritarianism, and inviting – no, cajoling – his colleagues, both Republicans and Democrats, to bear witness with him on trips abroad. He has frequently welcomed victims of repression to the corridors of the capital, too, giving them succor and encouragement in the fight against tyranny,” said the editorial.

I was not surprised by the WaPo editorial because John McCain embodies the organized Jewry’s fascist morality. For example, treason runs in McCain family. His father Admiral John S. McCain Jr. along with president Lyndon Johnson whitewashed Israeli attack on USS Liberty. John McCain became a millionaire (US$100 million) via his second wife Cindy Lou Hensley, a member of the Jewish Anheuser-Busch beer family.

John McCain has a long history of criminalizing every world leader who dared to criticize the Zionist regime. He has supported America’s every illegal regime change as long as it benefits Israel such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Ukraine, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, etc. – while supporting US military aid to Israel and arms sale to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.

John McCain hates Russian president Vladimir Putin. He called Putin a butcher (watch below).

McCain uses the rhetorical bludgeon of the so-called human rights as an arbitrary tool to push for war by demonizing Israel’s enemies.

In 1986, John McCain along with Rep. Dick Cheney voted against a resolution calling for the release of South African leader Nelson Mandela. In 2012, US Treasury Department investgated John McCain and several other top military and government officials for allegedly receiving funds from Iran’s terrorist organization Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK). In April 2017, McCain travelled all the way to Albania to meet MEK’s leader Maryam Rajavi (here).

WaPo praised McCain for not affected by cancer. However, when former president Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with cancer – Jewish lobby claimed it’s Divine punishment for Carter’s hate for Israel and Jews.


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