How Israel buys Americans’ loyalty

Many books and article have been written on the criminal activies of the Jewish Lobby making it a major player in America’s Deep state – criticism of which is antisemitism. However, what most Americans don’t know that such anti-American activities are funded by their tax-money.

The Zionist entity is the largest recipient of military and economic USAID (US$6-12 billion per year) for the last 40 years. It reinvest a tiny portion of it to buy loyalty of American lawmakers, FBI, law enforcement agencies, university students and Evangelic community. The ADL has been sponsoring US law enforcement officials for training in Israel for years (ADL website, June 24, 2014). Last year, Amnesty International, also confirmed this.

The American Israel Education Foundation, a brainwashing arm of AIPAC have spent tens of millions of dollars to provide all-expense-paid one-week trips to the Zionist entity to educate them that Israel is the best ally Americans ever had. The trips also include entertainment at the 280 brothels in Tel Aviv city.

Over 50 pro-Israel Jewish groups buy loyalty of US lawmakers by providing election funding and media support if they agree to sign a pledge to support Israel, no matter what (watch video below).

The Jewish United Fund along with the World Zionist Organization, Volunteers for Israel, Habonim Dror, Shorashim, Camp Kimama Israel, Honeymoon Israel, Hillel, Campus Allies Mission to Israel, and many other Jewish groups sponsor 10-20 days all-expense-paid trips for college and university students, known as Birthright trips.

On August 1, 2017, Tempa Bay Times reported that 53 US lawmakers and over a dozen of Latino community leaders are on a week-long trip to Israel fully paid by the American Israel Education Foundation. The idiots were received by no other than the pathological liar Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (here).


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