Nicaragua: Jewish population on the rise

On August 1, 2017, JTA reported that just in the last month (July 2017) 117 Nicaraguan, mostly teenagers, converted to Judaism. 73% of Nicaraguans follow Catholic Church and 15% of Catholic kids studies at schools run by pro-Israel Evangelicals.

On July 23, following the conversions conducted at the Managua home of a community leader, 22 couples wed according to Jewish tradition in a Managua social hall rented for the occasion by the New York-based Jewish group Kulanu (Hebrew for All of US),” reported JTA.

According to JTA, there were only 50 Jews in the country in 2012 – but this mass conversion, Judaism has become the fast-growing religion despite the fact that Nicaragua had no diplomatic relation with Israel since 2010 and its socialist government supports Palestinians and maintains friendly relations with Iran.

The Kulanu has its Zionist wolfs disguise as humanitarian workers can be spotted in poor ghettos in India, Ghana, Peru, Madagascar, Gabon, Nigeria, etc. They lure poor kids and families to become the so-called ‘Lost Tribes’ and immigrate to Israel and help the Zionist regime to grab more Palestinian lands.

In the US and Canada, Kulanu works with the B’nai B’rith international to fight criticism of Israeli policies and the so-called antisemitism.

In February 2011, Kulanu demanded that Toronto (Canada) York Regional Police fire its Jew chaplain Rabbi Mendel Kaplan who happened to head Mossad-connected Jewish supremacist Chabad sect.

In a sermon, the rabbi had slammed Jewish groups such as the Canadian Jewish Congress, the UJA Federation, and the Canada-Israel Committee for calling on Jews to join Kulanu at the Toronto Pride Parade in summer 2010,” reported by Life Site News.

The Muslim community in Nicaragua is close to 2,000 – mostly descendants of immigrants from Palestine and Libya.


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