‘To Kill the President’ – Book Review

Some of the readers may recall the Jew editor Andrew B. Alder, in January 13, 2012 Op-Ed, entitled What would you do? – called for assassination of US President Barack Obama by Israeli Mossad.

Now British newspaper Guardian’s Jewish journalist and author Jonathan Freedland in his 2017 novel, To Kill the President, has made a similar wish about the current Judas goat in the White House – Donald Trump.

Freedland without naming his source or the White House occupant – says that a legal advisor (could it be the Zionist Jew Marc Kasowitz) spots a plot to assassinate a recently unexpectedly controversialist elected president.

Jonathan Freedland in the past has written several ‘fiction thrillers’ under the pseudonym Sam Bourne such as The Righteous Men (2006) which is a Judeo-Christian religious thriller projecting Christianity as an offshoot of JudaismThe book was later followed by The Final Reckoning (2008), based on Jewish vengeance in which a group of so-called Holocaust survivors set out to assassinate former National Socialists.

Earlier in February 2017, another British author Mel Ayton released his book, Plotting To Kill The President, saying that every US president since George Washington to Barack Obama have lived under assassination threat though only four sitting presidents have been killed so far.

Reviewers have mix reaction to the book. However, these dudes have one thing in common – they all consider Muslims and Islam as the greatest threat to Western civilization. For example, the BBC/Guardian journalist and author Mark Lawson, aka Catholic Jew, has defended Freedland while he is ridiculed by anti-Muslim White supremacist Andrew Joyce, PhD.

Freedland’s opposition to the Trump administration, interpreted on the basis of his own words and arguments, is not rooted merely in generic Leftism. It also comprises an element of ethnic self-interest. Freedland perceives Trump to be obstructive to Jewish social and political objectives, and this is most apparent in his journalism for the Jewish Chronicle. While he rarely, if ever, mentions his Jewishness to the Guardian’s mass readership, in his writings at the JC Freedland is significantly less circumspect. In March, for example, he wrote in the JC that Trump is no friend of ours and the correct Jewish stance on Trump was one of vigilant opposition,” wrote Andrew Joyce on July 2017.

Among Hollywood celebrities, Madonna had expressed he wish to see Donald Trump dead.


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