UK Chief Justice: Tony Blair is kosher!

On Monday, UK’s Lord Justice Baron Roger John Laugharne Thomas and one of his stooges, Sir Duncan Brian Walter Ouseley at country’s highest court declared that former prime minister Tony Blair couldn’t be prosecuted for war crimes over joining US president George Bush invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Why? Because “there is no crime of aggression in English law under which the former prime minister could be charged.”

The judges excuse is laughable. The crime of waging aggressive war was specifically cited in the Nuremberg trials, and so its existence in international law is at a minimum 70 years old. And while it may be argued that the entire international community did not explicitly endorse the Nuremberg proceedings, there is no doubt that the British state endorsed them. The British state was a lead player and key participant in the entire process. So the British state has plainly recognized the crime of waging aggressive war at least since Nuremberg.

The decision blocks an attempt by Gen. Abdulwaheed al-Rabbat to bring a private war crimes prosecution against the former pro-Israel and anti-Muslim prime minister. Gen. al-Rbbat was Iraqi Army’s chief of staff under Saddam Hussein and Governor of Nineveh. After US occupation of Iraq in 2003, he took residence in UAE.

Baron Laugharne Thomas, who is to retire in October 2017, is not an elected justice but was appointed by the prime minister. He became a celebrity after rejecting the extradition appeal of anti-Israel Egyptian-UK preacher Mustafa Kamel Mustafa aka Abu Hamza.

In 2012, Tony Blair along with George Bush was declared a War Criminal by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) in Malaysia.

Tony Blair, has made tens of million dollars by creating wars and conflict around the world and lobbying for dictatorial regimes. He is sought for war crimes by several groups.

Former UK’s MP George Galloway has produced a documentary The Killing$ of Tony Blair over Tony Blair’s creating conflicts and wars to serve Israel’s interests.

Anyone who knows that like the US, British judicial, political, banking and media is totally controlled by the organized Jewry is not surprised that Tony Blair is not prosecuted over joining the illegal invasion of Iraq which killed over one million Iraqi civilians including 500,000 children – because it served Israel’s interests.

Jews make less than 1% of the British population but country’s Supreme Court is headed by a Zionist Jew Baron David Edmond Neuberger. Four out of 11 judges at the Supreme Court are committed Israel Firsters.


5 responses to “UK Chief Justice: Tony Blair is kosher!

    The mastermind of invaded war to Iraq nation was Blair when the Blair was confessed crime in himself. If the UK court respected its justice, it must judge Blair in order to perform its fair law. According to a world power has been invading to few small nation and building crime wars, the UK court could symbolized by its justice, but it symbolized by jungle law, which was not congress and constitution.
    For example, the opium war was invaded to China and the French invaded to Vietnam by catholic in the past.

  2. That is why, the United States of America has been playing war game for the long run, but the wars did not win any wars. We did not respect any human body of mankind when our wars destroy to its happiness and cultural tradition because our wars have been pushing mankind to underdevelopment to the black mud. Thus, we have been discovering for Mars and Venus. However, we should build border wall will exist for the long run, which will go into the American history. The border wall does not only protect for the American people safely but also prohibit the foreign people who are illegally coming to our nation.

    We, the American citizens, should struggle to anti foreign-wars, let’s build border wall.
    When we must call up the United States Congress and government, they must stop supporting Foreign Assistance Aid in order to build for the barbarous wars. During, the inner of our nation has so much homeless, crime and family morality are degrading. Next, the Department of justice of the America seem not fair when the America court system is very bureaucratic. Finally, the public agencies seem not respectful to the United States Constitution when the American leaders did not keep their oath loyalty with the United States Constitution. If our nation is equal, our national crime is less more than the jails.

    in conclusion, if we build border wall, we shall prohibit the foreign crimes that they will not go in our nation. So, the crimes will be reduced that they can not destroy our nation when the American people are less influenced social evil than the present.

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    Memory Birth Day (9/6)

    Without the bell’s beats,
    No one hears the bell’s sound.
    Without the drum’s beats,
    No one understands the drum’s voice,
    So if you do not speak out
    What do you dream?
    If you don’t dream,
    any thoughts, ideas-
    won’t show up
    You’re kept in your head.
    When you don’t open your mind,
    You’ll forever see no direction
    It should be more than footprints –
    In the sands of time

  4. Politics – Kissinger: Vietnam failures `we did to ourselves’ | BuBaDuB › BuBaDuB › discuss
    May 21, 2017 – Bright Quang, he, is the petitioner that was Prisoner of War of the Vietnam War when he was former Lieutenant Police of Republic of Vietnam.
    You’ve visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 10/3/17

  5. Please give me share this to you and my proposal letter will submit to you, our speaker Paul Ryan and our President. Because my proposal letter to beg to our government should be approving for the Paris Peace Accords when the truth of the time of the condition is mature “ripe” of the Paris Peace Accords of the Vietnam War that should be approved by our Congress.

    As you may compare to the Vietnamese people who are living today and before April 30, 1975 which are why the government of the United States of America has been punishing for the Vietnamese people that who endure so much of suffering, miserable, and unlucky, so the super values of democracy, freedom, and justice were lost by the Vietnamese communists. Because the Vietnam war is just enough game of the American leaders who have enough playing for war game, your kind hearts should be made good ethical conscience in the war game.

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