Trump equates Hizbullah to ISIS and Al-Qaeda

On July 25, Donald Trump, the idiot, received Lebanon’s billionaire prime minister Sa’ad Hariri at the White House. During a press conference at the Rose Garden, Trump told a perplexed Sa’ad Hariri and reporters: “Lebanon is on the front lines in the fight against ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah.”

Trump’s statement showing his self-denial of Middle Eastern colonial history was hailed by Netanyahu and the Saudi ‘royals’.

Israeli pleasure is understandable because its world’s 4th powerful army was defeated by Hizbullah fighters in 2000 and 2006. Last week they kicked the AZZ of pro-Israel ISIS from Arsal.

Saudi enmity of Hizbullah is based on religious and political basis. The Islamic resistance group was establish by Shi’ite community leaders in south Lebanon under Israeli occupation in late 1980s. It is dominated by Lebanon’s Shi’ite majority to this day though after it victory in 2006, its ranks are joined by other religious minorities such as Sunnis, Christians and Druze. Hizbullah supports Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Islamic Iran and Gaza-ruling Islamic resistance Hamas.

The irony is, both ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorist organizations were created and funded by America to serve its imperial agenda and secure the bastard Zionist entity. Furthermore, Lebanon has no conventional army; no military tanks, no air force, and no navy. Lebanese territory has been defended by Islamic resistance Hizbullah against Jewish army’s successive invasions since late 1980s. On June 9, 2014, The Christian  Science Monitor quoted Israel’s top gun, Gen. Benny Gantz saying, Hizbullah is stronger than any Arab Army. As a Canadian, I wish the paranoid Israeli dog was telling the truth. Hizbullah don’t have hundreds of billions of dollars modern arms sold to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Egypt by the US and Britain.

Sa’ad Hariri, a Saudi-Lebanese citizen, a non-practicing Sunni Muslim, has family reason to hate Hizbullah. He believes in Jewish propaganda that his father Rafik Hariri, former prime minister of Lebanon, was assassinated by Syrian and Hizbullah agents. The 2005 assassination was an Israeli Mossad false flag operation to drive Syrian forces from Lebanon.

British veteran journalist Patrick Seale reported at The Guardian (February 23, 2005) Rafik Hariri couldn’t be assassinated by either Syria or its ally Hizbullah because that would amount to a suicide of the Assad regime in Damascus. He said that only beneficiary of the assassination was Israel which had long been trying to destabilize both Syria and Lebanon for their support for Tehran.

Rafik Hariri was not a diehard enemy of Syria. For ten of past 12 years, he served as Lebanon’s prime minister under Syria’s aegis. A few days before his murder on February 14, he held a meeting with Syria’s deputy foreign minister Walid Mualim. They were reported to have discussed Hariri’s forthcoming visit to Syria to meet Bashar al-Assad,” Seale wrote.

Hizbullah has both military resistance and political party wings. Hizbullah leads the opposition group in country’s parliament. It has parliament speaker Nabih Berri (Shi’ite Muslim) and country’s Christian president Gen. (ret) Michel Naim Aoun on its side.


4 responses to “Trump equates Hizbullah to ISIS and Al-Qaeda

  1. I want to believe Trump is just playing stupid. He must appear he believes in bullshit.

    • Trump is not stupid. He knows that and so do his handlers in Tel Aviv. Trump know who would fill his pocket – and Hizbullah, Syria, and Iran wouldn’t do that. Netanyahu knows Trump is a big Zionist donkey when it comes to politics – that’s he likes Trump while his dogs in America are trying their best to portray Trump being anti-US and anti-Israel.

      This is what the authors of The Protocols advised the people of Tribe over 100 years ago.

      • These articles negated what you are suggesting, my brother:

        Rehmat: I don’t care for the opinion of Ugly Truth’s current watchdogs. I used to like the website when it was monitored by its founder Mark Glenn. He liked my blog so much that he invited me to appear on his radio talk-show which I declined as I hate personal publicity.

        I even defended Mark Glenn when UK’s Bishop Stephen Sizer deleted his article under pressure from his Anglican boss.

        Sorry for deleting the links you posted.

  2. Rehmat, Mark Glenn is still on The Ugly Truth. I’ve contacted him through that site and he responded as late as yesterday, He is still there!

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