Muslim Psychologist and the Jews

Hanan  Last year, Australian psychologist Hanan Dover was chased by the Murdoch’s anti-Muslim Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, and The Australian. Her crime – she wear hijab, she believes that Islamic Shri’ah doesn’t pose any threat to the world – and its followers don’t murder members of LGBT community.

Ironically, Hanan Dover was signatory to a statement by a group of brainwashed Australian Muslims condemning the shooting in Orlando, while urging deeper compassion for LGBTI Muslims in Australia. The idiots did not bother to search for the truth behind the Orlando Gay Club shooting which was a false flag to demonize Muslims and Islam.

On June 17, 2016, Rebecca Urban (Jew) at The Australian accused Dover of “linking gays with thieves, killers.”

Hanan Dover has also been condemned for supporting fellow Muslim Waleed Aly.

Hanan is holder of four degrees in psychology and PhD at the Western Sydney University’s School of Medicine.

You may like to read her personal blog here.

Australian government is controlled by country’s powerful Australian Zionist Lobby, the ‘Zionist Federation of Australia’. Terry Lane, broadcaster for ABC television and a newspaper columnist, once wrote: “The Zionist lobby in this country (Australia) is malicious, implacable, mendacious and dangerous. They have caused me a great deal of lost sleep – and in the end my insomnia has not contributed anything to the resolution of the conflict over Palestine. I might as well keep my mouth shut and get some sleep. What’s more, once the expression “anti-Semite” hits the air, or, heaven forfend, the sacred formula “six million” is uttered, then I know from bitter experience that there is not one manager or editor in the country who will defend an underling. We are thrown to the jackals. In the end the truly tolerant have no defense against intolerance. I surrender. To the Zionists I say: you win. To the Palestinians: forgive my cowardice.”

The current prime minister of Australia, Malcolm ‘Moishe’ Turnbull, is a Zionist Jew and close ally of the Zionist entity.

There are 120,000 Jews living in Australia as compared to 400,000 Muslims. Like in other western countries, Zionist propagandists in Australia are busy scaring the non-Muslim population by projecting Muslim population to increase 80% by 2030 due to high-profile conversion, immigration and birth rate.


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