US Admiral is ready to nuke China

On Thursday, US vice-Admiral H. Scott Swift, said that he will launch a nuclear attack next week if ordered by US president Donald Trump. He also warned military ever shifting its allegiance from its commander-in-chief.

Swift was speaking at the Lowy Institute in Sydney following a major US-Australian military exercise off the Australian coast.

Economic power is being converted to military power in many parts of the region, which may increase the temptation to use coercion or force in an attempt to resolve differences between nations,” Swift said.

When asked by an academic in the audience whether he would make a nuclear attack on China next week, if Trump orders it, Swift replied: “The answer would be: YES.”

Every member of the US military has sworn an oath to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic and to obey the officers and the president of the United States as commander and chief appointed over us,” said Swift.

Swift commands 40,000 Japan-based personnel and an armada of naval ships. He had lived in Australia for many years.

China and Australia as a long history of trading partners going back to 1944. However, Australia’s current prime minister Moishe Turnbull has joined anti-China front. He has accused China of interfering in Australian domestic politics.

China is America’s largest trade partner (US$579 billion). America’s debt to China is US$1.1 trillion. Thus China poses no economic threat to United States. China’s military budget for 2017 is $217 billion as compared to America’s US$611 billion. That means China poses no military threat to United States or its controller Israel. China in fact bought US Patriot missile and electro-optic equipment from Israel which were given to the Zionist regime as part military aid.

China is the emerging economic giant and needs new markets to gain its ambition. It’s in the process of planning a trillion dollars mega international trade project, called the Silk RoadBut China has aligned itself with the regional countries which are against the Jewish occupation of Palestine such as Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Sudan, etc.

China considers Pakistan its most trusted ally. Both China and Pakistan consider India as threat to their national security. Pakistan was the first Muslim-majority nation which recognized communist China in 1948.

Washington is helping India with a military budget of US$65 billion to fight its proxy war against China.

Currently, there is a war of words exchanged between China and India along Sikkim border which could explode into a nuclear war.


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