Mossad to train UK police how to fight Muslim terrorism

On July 1, 2017, Jerusalem-based Kim Sengupta wrote at the pro-Israel British daily Independent that a team of British security officials is planning to visit the Zionist entity to learn Israeli counter-terrorism strategies. The decision comes as result of recent spat of terrorist activities in Britain.

There are, of course significant differences between political violence in the UK and Israel. The murders and maiming in the streets of Britain are in pursuit of a murderous Islamist jihad with a variety of justifications offered including retaliation for the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. In Israel and the occupied territories it’s justified as part of the struggle for Palestinian nationhood against Israel,” said the bigot Hindu bitch.

Does Sengupta knows that Palestinian nationhood existed for centuries while the ancestors of Western Jews were treated like dogs and were expelled from England for over 350 years (1290-1657)?

I’m sure Sengupta would never dare to call the hundreds of British Jews as Jew jihadis, who join Israel Occupation Force (IOF) to murder Palestinian kids. In order to understand the Israeli Jewish instinct to kill Palestinians listen to US Jew writer and author Max Blumenthal below.

Many Hindu leaders joined Nazi forces to fight against Britain and Allied forces in Japan during WWII. Indian-born American writer, author and blogger, Dr. Susmit Kumar PhD, claims that Hitler, not Gandhi, should be given credit for the independence of India in 1947.

Israeli tactics have resulted in the death of hundreds of Palestinians, including  host of children. Even at the time of this article’s publication, Israel’s latest crackdown has killed at least three Palestinians and injured hundreds more.

It’s not the first time Muslim-hating pro-Israel Theresa May’s government is relying on Israeli butchers to learn how to muzzle 2.3 million British Muslim citizens. In 2015, her predecessor David Cameron also did the same.

I sympathize with British security agencies for not demanding to erect security wall around Muslim-majority cities in United Kingdom. The Israeli terrorist agencies (Mossad and Shin Bet) and British MI6 and Police are known for collaboration in false flags from the July 2005 London Tube bombing to the recent British Parliament Building. 

Is it coincident that during all these Muslim terrorist events, British counter-terrorism agencies were holding drills how to stop Muslim terrorism.

On June 13, 2003, the Asia Times reported: “It seems odd as British MI6 and country’s policing agencies have been trained by Israeli counter-terrorism experts since the early 1970s when Gen. Rafael Eitan, the then head of the Israeli hit-squad known as the Kidon Killers toured Northern Ireland and later the Special Air Services (SAS) base in Hereford, England. Eitan was less than impressed with British training, tactics or their “kill” rate. Within months of his visit there began a number of fundamental changes in security policy and operations in the county. More SAS were to be there and a number of specialized anti-terrorist groups would eventually be formed, ranging from the 14th Intelligence and Security Company, once described as the “thinking man’s SAS” to the Mobile Reconnaissance Force or MRF which would later become the Force Reconnaissance Unit (FRU). The FRU was to be later involved in the targeting of suspected Republicans for assassination by the infamous Loyalist death squads in Northern Ireland.”


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