Putin: Hated and loved by Jews

Russian president Vladimir Putin, like his American counterpart Donald Trump, is hated and loved by the organized Jewry (here, here). Both are admired by the pathological liar Netanyahu.

Recently, the US-UK billionaire William Browder (Jew) urged Robert Mueller to enforce the Magnitsky act (2012) against Putin’s assets which he claims are worth US$200 billion. This will make Putin a liability and Russians would throw him from power. Bowler had played the part of a surrogate-mother of the act named after Russian Jew oligarch Sergei Magnitsky who died in 2009 during Russian police custody.

William Bowler is grandson of Earl Browder, former leader of country’s Communist Party.

There is another American author and blogger Christopher Jon Bjerknes with Jewish family roots, who wrote on his blog Jewish Racism (July 25): “Putin and Netanyahu’s puppet Donald Trump now wants to change the subject to the subversion of the Democratic Party and the corruption of Hillary Clinton. His case against them is legitimate and strong and will bring out the fact that the Democrats are also in bed with the communists, opened up our borders, destroyed our industry and empowered our enemies in Red Russia, Red China and communist North Korea. But Trump will NOT expose the fact that Red Russia is forming an alliance with Israel and Red China to replace the American alliance with Israel. Trump will NOT expose the fact that Putin engineered the global war on terror and that Red Russia, Israel and the Trotskyite Jews of America are the cause of global terrorism.”

I don’t like to give credit for being mother of the so-called global war on terror, even though he butchered tens of thousands of Chechen Muslims to maintain 400-year Russian occupation of their land. The phrase War on Terror was used by former president George Bush on September 20, 2001 – and was coined by his Jew speechwriter. However, Israel terror against Muslim world is fully supported by Israeli colonies such as the US, UK, France, Germany and Australia.

On May 4, 2017, Lev Stesin, founding member of the San Francisco Voice for Israel, in an Opinion piece at Israeli daily Ha’aretz said that majority of Russian expats living in America and Israel adore Vladimir Putin for combating Jew-hatred, making it illegal to deny Holocaust and his support for the Zionist entity.

Cnaan Liphshiz at the Times of Israel agrees with Lev Stesin except he doesn’t like Putin who treats gays like Nazis treated Jews.

Jews born in the Soviet Union now account for about 5% of the American Jewish population. There are nearly one million Russian Jews living on land stolen from Palestinians.

Last year, Reuters columnist Josh Cohen claimed that Putin is the closest friend Israel ever had in Moscow even though Soviet Union was one of the founders of Israel. “In 2014 Putin was one of the few world leaders to support Israel’s Operation Protective Edge against Hamas. In 2005, Putin became the first Russian president to ever visit Israel, visiting the Western Wall – Judaism’s holiest site – as well as Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial where Putin observed a moment of silence. The Russian president even reportedly purchased an apartment in Tel Aviv for his then-84-year-old Jewish German teacher. Putin returned to Israel in 2012 as the guest of honor at a state dinner and to inaugurate a monument to the Red Army soldiers who defeated Hitler in World War Two.”


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