Erdogan in Jeddah to end Qatar seige

On Sunday, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan landed in Jeddah to begin his three British colonialist created Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar in an effort to save the US-Israel-alliance against Syria by lifting Saudi siege on Qatar.

Erdogan was welcomed at Jeddah airport by the Saudi King Salman. Before leaving for Kuwait on Sunday night, Erdogan held separate meetings with Saudi King Salman and his Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. They discussed Saudi conflict with Qatar, regime change in Syria, Hamas, Hizbullah and Israeli closure of Al-Aqsa compound.

Last month, Saudi ‘royals’ imposed a siege on tiny but oil/gas rich Persian Gulf pro-US Qatar. Egypt, UAE and Bahrain followed Saudi lead. All four of them are involved in the US-Israeli terror in the region particularly against Syria and Lebanon.

No one has any interest in prolonging this crisis anymore,” said Erdogan at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, before leaving on the two-day trip, accusing “enemies” of seeking to fire up tensions between “brothers” in the region.

Later in June, the four Arab regimes urged Qatar to abide by a 13-point list of demands if it wanted the crippling blockade lifted. The demands included shutting down the Doha-based Al Jazeera TV, scaling back cooperation with Iran and Hamas, closing the Turkish military base in Qatar, and paying an unspecified sum in reparations. Doha rejected the demands calling them Nazi demands during WWII.

Both Erdogan and Iranian president Dr. Hassan Rouhani have called the demand “unreasonable”.

On Friday, Qatar’s emir called for dialogue to resolve the crisis, saying that any talks most respect national sovereignty. In his first speech since the ties were severed, a defiant Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani described his country as facing an unjust “siege”.

The only Middle East state which benefits the most from the Saudi-Qatar rift, is off-course the Zionist entity for the following reasons.

  1. Both Qatar and Iran support Gaza-ruling Hamas. Hamas political Guru, Khaled Meshaal has maintained and office and residence since he left Damascus four year ago.
  2. The rise of anti-Iran Donald Trump has also provided an opportunity for the Gulf states to wage war against Iran’s regional allies – Syria, Iraq, Hizbullah and Hamas.
  3. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and UAE share their fear of the so-called shi’ite Crescent with the Zionist regime.

Saudi ‘royals’ are more friendly toward enemies of Muslims than fellow Muslims. For example, in 2013 Riyadh gave US$16 billion to Israel to keep American pressure on Iran. Last year, King Salman bestowed country’s highest civilian upon Indian prime minister Narendra Modi who supervised the murder of 2000 Muslim civilians as Gujarat state chief minister in 2002.

Riyadh’s US-Israeli proxy war on poorest Arab nation of Yemen has killed 7,600 and wounded 42,000 Muslims so far.


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