NYT: US handed over Iraq to Iran

On July 15, 2017, Tim Arango (Jew), Baghdad bureau chief of The New York Times whined: “Iran Dominates in Iraq after US Handed the country over“.

That reminds me an Israeli expert on Middle East who claimed a few years ago that “every country United States invaded to protect Israel – turned into Iranian ally.” I think the dude was right. Iraq which used to be Iran’s regional number one enemy even before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, is now Iran’s closest Arab ally – since the removal of Saddam Hussein from power.

A similar change is happening in the US-NATO occupied Afghanistan and Syria and Yemen – two Arab victims of US-Israel war.

Michael Pregent, another Jew ‘security expert’ at Israeli propaganda site The Tower, whined in February 2015 that not only Uncle Sam has handed-over Iraq to pro-Iran Shi’ite majority but it’s also helping Iranians to bring the entire region under their influence which would pose an ‘existential threat’ to Israel – America’s only friend in the region.

In June, Mathew RJ Brodsky, former director at the Washington-based Jewish Policy Center, whined at the National Review: “Destroying ISIS in order to return territory to Assad tantamount to giving it Iran which poses a great threat to America’s regional allies.”

On Friday, Jew Fake News CNN reported that Judas goat Trump has ordered CIA to stop arming the ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria. Interestingly, on the same day, CIA director Mike Pompeo declared Iran as a threat to American interests in the region (watch a video below).

Embracing four million Afghan refugees, Iran has been acting as a recycling machine to turn them into good, serving citizens. Afghan refugees first were noticed in Iran as low-cost labor, eating into the labor market in areas such as construction and municipal service, among others. In recent years, during the Syrian crisis, Iran helped form an Afghan brigade for president Bashar al-Assad as a bulwark against US-Israel imperialism. Iran also opened its land for burial of those of them who fell in the battlefield.

Looking back, what the Soviet and Americans could not accomplish in Afghanistan has now turned into a blessing for the Iran. By analogy, what the US did in Iraq in the early 2000s has also offered its share of benefit for Iran. Having gotten rid of its blood enemy Saddam Hussein thanks to the US invasion of Iraq, Iran started building ties with the Iraqi government afterward. Tehran nevertheless has claim over a recent setback forced upon the terrorist group Daesh in the Iraqi city of Mosul. These have encouraged Iran to be looking for more strategic cooperation with its western neighbor.


2 responses to “NYT: US handed over Iraq to Iran

  1. Analysis – Netanyahu’s Message to the World: Accept Israel as It Is, Occupier and Settler read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.802602

    F.Y. Nuttyyahu

    regards Joop Jansen….

    • I don’t know about the WORLD – but the Christian West has already accepted that a Biblical prophecy – Regards ….

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