UK: Baroness Flather spills her Hindu hatred of Muslims

The Baroness Flather DLIndian-born British Hindutva Baroness Shareela Flather, like her Christian Zionist Baroness Caroline Anne Cox, and Baroness Anelay (a holocaust nut who loves to condemn executions in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia but never condemned Israeli baby-killers), is well-known for her lies about Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslim communities in Britain. Flather claims that she is a non-practicing Hindu atheist. Read more about Britain’s Jewish privileges here.

In her latest anti-Muslim outburst she has accused Muslims over marrying their first cousins which results in mentally deformed children.

I wonder if the Hindu bigot knows that marriage to first cousin is allowed in Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism. In fact, according to the Jewish Encyclopedia Jews have married to near relatives more than followers of any other religion. It also point out that a Jew is allowed not only to marry a first cousin, but also uncle and niece. First cousin marriages are still performed among Christians in Ireland, Poland and Russia.

In the past, both Flather and Cox had claimed that Pakistan and Bangladeshi Muslim families produce more children to collect state benefits and council houses. Both also accused Muslim families over not educating their girls and not assimilating into British culture.

I suppose the two bigots never heard of Pakistani-born Baroness Warsi who resigned as a cabinet minister over British prime minister David Cameron’s Israeli-AZZ- licking policies in 2015. Another Muslim life-peer is East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)-born Baroness Manzila Uddin. Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece is a Muslim from Turkish Cyprus.

How about Jew Baroness Ruth Deech who whined in April 2017 that British Universities hate Jews!

Currently, there are 16 Muslim MPs, 12 Pakistanis and 8 women in the British House of Commons.

There are hundreds of Hindu widows in Britain who cannot re-marry and are treated as untouchable. India is home to 34 million such Hindu widows.

Britain is also home to tens of hundreds of Jewish chained wives, who cannot get rabbinic divorces.

Both India and Israel are world’s top rapist nations where it has become a religious duty (here, here).

As for the Muslim assimilation is concerned – Britain’s current communities secretary Sajid Javid and London Mayor Sadiq Khan are more pro-Israel than most British Jews.


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