India: Gen. Harwant Singh irks Hindutva again!

The leaders of the ruling BJP and other Hindu extremist (Hindutva) groups have condemned Lt. Gen. Harwant Singh, former deputy Chief of Army Staff, over his recent article on Indian occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir, entitled, India Needs to Look For a Non-Military Option.

Indian media has spewed much rhetoric on the need to retaliate against Pakistan. Hitting Pakistan across the Line of control in J and K is a zero sum game. Pakistan too can engage Indian post with artillery and shows no hesitation in targeting civilian population as well,” wrote Singh.

There is also the demand for Governor’s rule in the state, forgetting that it was during Governor’s rule that Pandits were driven out of the Valley. There was complete breakdown of law and order and yet no one, yes no one, was held accountable for the lawlessness that prevailed then. Those who still parrot Kashmiriyat, forget that this culture and Sufi spirit died long ago and its final demise occurred when Pandits were hounded out of the Kashmir Valley,” Singh added.

Then there is talk of political solution and yet no one appears to spell out as to what that political solution is. There is a democratically elected government in the state. There is need for India to look at options other than military action and yet there can be no two opinions that the country must keep its powder dry,” said Singh.

Last month, Gen. Harwant Singh was condemned for authoring an article, entitled, “A New Spoke in the One Rank One Pension’s Wheel“, published in the Hindustan Times (June 2). In the article, Singh called the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF), as inefficient and poorly trained. There are five paramilitary divisions in CAPF. According to Indian reports, 37 members of CAPF in Kashmir had committed suicides during last three years and 28,300 took earlier retirement or quit the force while serving in Kashmir.

Gen. Harwant is not the first Indian to be demonized for telling the truth about Indian occupied Muslim majority (90%) Jammu and Kashmir state. Many other non-Muslims Indian academics and authors have suffered persecution at the hands of Indian police (here, here).

In May 2017, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his landmark visit to India – offered his services to resolve Kashmir conflict between New Delhi and Islamabad. Islamabad accepted the offer while New Delhi rejected it saying Turkey has always been a close ally of Pakistan.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang on Wednesday said India and Pakistan are important South Asian countries but the situation in Kashmir has attracted the attention of the international community. He said that his country is willing to mediate between the two neighboring countries to resolve Kashmir dispute peacefully in order to save the region from a possible nuclear war. On Thursday, New Delhi rejected the offer saying India doesn’t want a third party to involve in this dispute.

Modi’s BJP and other Hindutva organizations have a long history of collaboration with Israeli Mossad terrorism in India which is always blamed on Muslims (here, here).


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