Netanyahu hates George Soro!!

On July 13, Allison Kaplan Sommer in an Op-Ed at Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz claimed that Benjamin Netanyahu showed his hatred toward George Soro by joining Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban’s war against the Hungarian-American Jew multibillionaire.

Netanyahu who is due to meet Orban on July 18 in Budapest, has rejected Hungarian Jewish groups’ appeal to cancel his trip to Hungary until Orban lifts ban on Soro and apologizes to the Jewish people for his antisemitic actions.

George Soro, 86, has accused Hungarian government’s accusations against him like Nazi propaganda against Jews during WWII. On January 4, 2017, William E. Jasper at The New American, the official news website of the Christian Zionist John Birch Society claimed that young George Soro was a Nazi collaborator.

George Soro and his Open Society Foundations (OSF) funds NGOs in 100 countries, which help CIA-Mossad to bring color revolutions around the world.

Soros-funded groups now stand accused of organizing anti-government protests in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, USA, Ukraine and of using anti-corruption campaigns in Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary to undermine elected officials.

Viktor Orban and Netanyahu are glued together through hatred toward Muslims. In contrast, many leaders of Hungary’s second largest party Jobbik with 23 MPs, support Palestinian cause and want close relations with Ankara and Tehran. Some Jobbik MPs have questioned the Jewish and Christian Zionist MPs loyalty to state of Hungary. Jobbik president Gábor Vona has visited Iran and Turkey in past where he called for a Christian-Muslim alliance to fight Zionism-Fascism that unites US and Israel.

Despite objections from Hungarian Jewish groups, Viktor Orban paid a visit Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in Tehran in December 2015. In 2016, he visited Iran again.

On June 11, 2017, US-based Israeli propaganda site Hungarian Spectrum reported that Budapest has signed a nuclear cooperation deal.

Given the Trump administration’s support for Saudi Arabia and Israel and its antagonism toward Iran, it is indeed difficult to figure out what Viktor Orbán has in mind when he signs nuclear deals, however innocent the “declaration of intent” may sound, with the Iran of the ayatollahs. Has he already decided that pursuing a U.S.-friendly policy, even with Trump in power, is a fool’s errand?,” wrote Eva S. Balogh, HS editor. She claims having a PhD in history from Yale University, New Haven.

In February 2017, Jewish supremacist group ADL accused Donald Trump of hiring pro-Islam Jobbik sympathizers.


One response to “Netanyahu hates George Soro!!

  1. Don’t believe this. The Jews are playing us like a violin again. There is only one goal for the Jews, and that is world government with the Moshiach from Jerusalem. These high level players never oppose each other than for just views sake. The protocols says that the Jews must lead all forces, therefore one sees Jews leading the charge against other Jews, we also have a name for this phenomenon: “Controlled opposition”.

    The butcher of Palestinians Netanyahu is trying to cement the status to East Jerusalem for the Beit HaMikdash, while Soros is trying to dissolve the nationstates through mass immigration of “Moslems” who are not real followers of the Prophet (pbuh).

    These are the people who will be radicalized in Wahabism and brought into the Noahide army of Israel which is ISIS.

    Their goal is to force Christians and Moslems to become Noahide slaves orelse exterminate. Their appreciation of ISIS cannot be hidden

    01:10 ISIS destroys idol worship
    They will kill Moslems because of the symbol of the crescent, which reminds the Jews of AKUM – the code word for Non-Jews they don’t like an acronym for “worshippers of the moon and stars”

    Check their criminality!

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