Jewish Madonna charms Malawian

On Tuesday, American pop-singer and actress Madonna landed in Malawi, one of Israel’s staunch allies in Africa. She performed opening ceremony of a children’s hospital wing which her charity Raising Malawi has built in honor of four Malawian kids she had adopted.

Madonna is also founder of the Ray of Light Foundation, which is dedicated to bring Judo-Western values to Muslim countries destroyed by western imperialists for Israel.

According to Jewish press, Malawi President Peter Mutharika hailed her as a symbol of a motherly spirit.

Madonna at the 90th birthday of war criminal Shimon Peres told him, I’m an ambassador of Judaism.

In December 2014, Israeli police arrested a 39-year Israeli Jew from Tel Aviv for hacking Madonna computer and stealing songs from Madonna’s new album Rebel Heart. But, since he was not an Arab, his identity is still kept secret – reported by L.A. Times, January 21, 2015.

Former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir admitted in her memoirs: “Did we go into Africa because we wanted votes at the United Nations? Yes, of course that was our motives–and a perfectly honorable one–which I never, at any time, concealed either from myself or from the Africans.”

In March 2015, Madonna called Marine Len Pen’s French National (FN) party as fascist, and said that Europe and France in particular felt like Nazi Germany. Speaking on radio network Europe 1, she pointed out growing antisemitism and White supremacism across Europe and especially in France.

This irked France’s pro-free speech nerves as it was not directed against Islam or Muslims. Questioning Zionist narrative of Holocaust is a major crime in France along with 14 other European nations.

Madonna Louise Ciccone, 58, who was born into an Italian Catholic family converted to Kabbalah (Chabad), a Jewish extremist sect which is known for its links with Israeli Mossad. Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law Kushner belong to that sect.

Madonna though married twice (Guy Richie and Alex Rodriguez), she had a long list of much younger boyfriends belonging to many faiths such as Brahim Zaibat (Muslim French dancer), Jesus Luz (Christian Brazilian model), Chris Paciello (former Jew mobster), Dennis Keith Rodman (Christian Basketball player and coach), etc.

Muslims make 30-35% of country’s population. Spread of Islam is rising in Malawi (watch video below).



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