Morocco in big trouble

Like Netanyahu, Saudi King SalmanEgyptian military dictator al-Sisi, Moroccan ‘royals’ also fear Islamists in Tehran. Since 1979 Islamic Revolution, Morocco like Western puppet Arab states had a rocky relations with Tehran. In March 2009, Rabat severed its relations with Tehran on the behest of the Saudi ‘royals’ according to a jubilant Jewish media. In January 2017, Moroccan ambassador arrived in Tehran after eight years.

Contrary to US Jewish groups expectations, Moroccan ‘royals’ have joined Omani ‘royals’ in refusing to get involved in the Saudi-Israel war on oil/gas rich Qatar. Oman. Like Iran and Turkey Oman is also sending food aid to Qatar while opening its airspace for Qatar Airline.

Moroccan ‘royals’ are facing mass anti-government rallies in major cities in response to a call by Popular Movement (Al-Hirak al-Sh’abi) since last year (watch a video below).

Last month, over 100,000 people from different regions took to the streets of Rabat in a national gathering under the slogan One nation, one people against deprivation and humiliation, united for freedom, dignity and social justice. Many participated despite fasting for Ramadan and the high temperature. Regional protests also took place in more than 20 cities all over Morocco against police repression and calling for justice.

On July 8, pro-Israel UK-based The Economist in an Op-Ed said that the protests have hurt Morocco as the most stable country in Muslim Africa – but Islamist won’t succeed to tarnish king’s authority as he is very popular among the Sunni majority in the country.

Morocco occupied Western Sahara region, former Spanish colony in 1975. The unlawful occupation is supported by the US, Israel and their allies.

In December 2015, US-based Zionist educational organization, Kivunim, held a gala reception at B’nai Jeshurun in Manhattan (N.Y) in honor of late King Mohammed V(died 1961) of Morocco for saving his Jewish subjects nearly 75 years ago.


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