Netanyahu-Modi: Meeting of two Butchers

On Tuesday, Israeli prime minister, the Butcher of Gaza Strip hugged several times Indian prime minister, the Butcher of Gujarat, calling him mere dost (my dear friend) at the Ben-Gurion Airport. Their friendship is based on the murder of thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children.

This is Narendara Modi’s second visit to the Zionist entity. He visited Tel Aviv as chief minister of Indian state of Gujarat a decade ago after supervising the murder of over two thousand Muslim men, women and children and letting Hindu fascists rape over 600 Muslim girls and women while forcing over 300,000 Muslims becoming refugees in their own motherland.

Israeli diplomats and media outlets have claimed that India under Hindu extremist ruling BJP has shed its hesitation in acknowledging deepening ties with the Zionist entity, especially Modi’s decision not to meet the West Bank president Mahmoud Abbas whom he received a month ago in New Delhi.

Several leaders of the opposition Congress party have criticized Modi’s visit to the Zionist entity. Member of federal parliament (Lok Sabha) from Hyderabad, Asaddudin Owaisi said: “Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel will only strengthen its occupation of Palestine.”

India is the largest market for Israel’s security industry, with the former purchasing weapons and technology to the tune of an average $1 billion a year. Several Israel arms manufacturing groups are eyeing India’s plan to modernize its military power. The plan, which has included over US$100 billion of investments on the part of both Russia and the United States, is meant to strengthen India’s abilities and positioning vis-a-vis Pakistan and China.

Binu Mathew, editor of Indian news website, Counter-Currents Org. posted an  article, entitled, Modi’s visit to Israel: Embrace of two Deadly Ideologies, Zionism and Hindutva, on July 5.

Modi is visiting a land where the RSS dream has come to fruition. It is not surprising that both Modi and Netanyahu are calling each other brothers and embracing each other repeatedly,”Mathew said.

He was referring to anti-Muslim Hindu extremist party Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh whose leader Vinyak Damodar Savarkar was behind the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi on January 30, 1948.

Zionism is a Jewish supremacist ideology. It came into existence through the existential anxiety of the Jews living in Europe. A secular Austrian-Jewish journalist, Theodor Herzl, was the first to turn rumblings of Jewish nationalism into an international movement around 1896. Aided by the prevailing political climate in Europe, the Zionist movement encouraged Jews to migrate to the British domain of Palestine and used their money power, political power and military power to establish a nation called Israel in Palestine, ethnic cleansing 700,000 original dwellers of the land. This project continued with the 1967 Six Day War and still continues with the settlement of hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews in the occupied land in clear violation of international laws and U.N resolutions. Israel is a colonial, rogue, apartheid state. It is this rogue nation that India is embracing. Modi not visiting Ramallah, the headquarters of Palestine Authority is a clear message to the Muslims of the world and to Muslims back home in India,” Mathew said.

In the same way, RSS was launched by some Nagpur Brahmans due to the existential anxiety created by the growing freedom movement and to ensure the hegemony of the upper castes when India got freedom from the British. The collusion of RSS with the British and Savarkar’s mercy petitions are legends that RSS wants the nation to forget. Some history will come back to haunt them forever. RSS agenda was to make India a Hindu Rashtra with Manusmriti (Manu’s Code) as the underlying principle when the British left India. When they found that Mahatma Gandhi stood in their way, their henchman Nathuram Godse pointed his gun at him and gunned him down. When Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, as RSS claimed, after 1000 years of foreign domination, they found it an opportune moment to make their dream a reality. The mob violence, lynchings, violation of food rights, human rights, livelihood rights are part of this larger plan,” Mathew added.

In Israel RSS has found a natural ally and a role model who put their grand vision to fruition. In Modi’s embrace of Netanyahu we see the marriage of two evil ideologies, Hindutva and Zionism. Israel with its tried and tested military technologies and tactics to subdue the freedom strugglers of Palestine, will be ever ready to pass on their know how to Modi. Muslims, Dalits and other minority groups in India, beware of this deadly embrace,” Mathew warned.


6 responses to “Netanyahu-Modi: Meeting of two Butchers

  1. Rational Observer

    I feel bad for the Muslims of Greater India.

    On one side of the Indus, they are viciously persecuted by the Hindutva types. On the other, they are being pushed to adopt Wahhabi, Deobandi or Ahl-i-Hadith ideologies(fueled largely by funds and imams from the Najd and, by association, Uncle Sam). The collectivist-conformist Punjabi mindset doesn’t make things better either.

    Though, Bengal offers the best hope for the survival of not only Indian Islam, but authentic Persianate Hanafi Islam as a whole, an Islam that was the norm 100 yrs ago, from Sarajevo to Lucknow.

    Today, the equivalents of people like Pat Robertson and John Hagee have a lot of clout in Islamic world—-financially and ideologically. Of course, this only serves the interests of Israel and US neocon republican elites (as well as the military-industrial complex). They say birds ofa feather flock together.

    Zionists, Wahhabists and Evangelicals. There you have it folks!

    • Hatred toward Islam is not something new in the Judeo-Christian world. I began during Byzantine empire in 634 CE and became a religious dogma during eight European Crusades against Muslim world and European military defeat against Muslim Ottoman armies which resulted in Ottoman influence over 34% of Judeo-Christian Europe.

      This fear of Islam still exists in the mind and policies of Western colonial leaders. In order to destroy the re-emergence of political Islam they first created Jewish-Wahhabi dynasty over Islam’s two most sacred cities, Makkah and Medina and latter in 1948 Zionist-Jewish entity over Islam’s third most sacred place, Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

      Now this fear of Islam has spread from Europe to India which was ruled by Muslims for nearly 1,000 but remained in minority due to their tolerance (as admitted by India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru in his book, ‘The Discovery of India’).

      A 2011 study by the ‘Center for American Progress (CAP)’ revealed that seven US charitable organization have spent $42.6 million during 2001-2009 to spread hatred toward Islam and Muslims. And who lead this Crusade against Muslims? By far too many Israel-First Zionist Jews!

      The 65 million US Evangelic Christian fools are never told that while Jewish Talmud which curses their Lord Christ and his mother Saint Mary, Holy Qur’an praises both as Allah’s Chosen Ones.

      A western scholar was not wrong when he said that western leaders have long realized that to hide their hatred toward Muslims, they must support Israel.

      • Rational Observer

        All of that money did not go to waste unfortunately. Hipster talking heads like Paul Joseph Watson and Rebel Media don’t miss a single beat spreading this agenda.

        Now, the use of the term “Judeo-Christian” is anachronistic and should not be used to characterize neither the Frankish world nor the Byzantine. It is a term popularized by the neocons of the Bush era and associates like Geert Wilders to further their geopolitical agenda. Medieval Franks and Byzantines alike held Jews in contempt and neither would consider solidarity with them for a second. In a way, Christianity, with its Hellenistic philosophical base, can be argued to have arisen as a reactionary religion against then-rising trends in Judaism.

        It is best to consider wars between Christendom and Islamdom prior to the 20th century as the continuation of the Roman-Persian conflict. Franks and Christendom were civilizational heirs of Rome and most prominent parts of Islamdom were heirs of Persia(despite what Arabists claim today). The intellectual foundation of Islamdom was laid in Khwarasan by Bactrians/Soghdians speaking New Persian—-not by Najdi Arabs. Many of these came from long lines of Sassanid nobility and/or clergy. Notably, Khwarasan was Islamicized much faster than the Levant. By the 1200s, a non-Muslim Persian was but an oxymoron—not so with Christian Levantines. It was also there where a Turkic-speaking caste of ghazi warriors first came into being. They ended up transmitting Khwarasan further west—to Antolia and Levant. Crusaders fought mainly against these guys; Arab contingents lacked courage and broke ranks before battles even began in many instances. Saladin’s best generals were Turks.

        Much like during the Romano-Sassanid conflicts, the feelings of bitter rivalry were mutual and both were agressors w/imperialistic tendencies. It was perfectly understandable for Franks to have fought for their interests then just as it was for the Muslims. It is perfectly understandable for us Franks to defend our own interests today, too, but we are being misdirected to fight causes that are not our own. There is no dignity in being a puppet.

        Back then, the conflict was organic with no major third party interlopers to muddy the waters. It was a conflict of complete, holistic civilizations.

        The Zio-cucked right-wingers fixated on Islam justifying their every move for Jews/Israel cannot be considered as successors to the Crusaders, Knights of Malta, Jan Sobieski, etc. In the same way, the Wahhabi-cucked, Saudi-funded “civil rights acivists” or FSA fighters are not following the legacy of Kilij Arslan or what-have-you.

    • @ Rational Observer – your history of Islam is based on Western myths.

      1. Judeo-Christian is right term for Western Christianity (Pauline). Leader of 1.2 billion Christians, Pope Francis, is on record of saying that every Christian has Jewish soul inside him and her.

      2. Islam has nothing to do with Persia. All Biblical prophets before the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) were born and preached in the modern Arab lands. The prophet of Islam was born in Makkah among the descendants of prophet Ishmael, son of Abraham, but he was not a Semite aka Jewish. The only person who embraced Islam during the Prophet’s life was a Jew named Salman Farsi.

      3. Jesus or Saint Paul (Saul) has nothing to do with pagan Roman or Greek societies. Both were Hebrew-speaking Semites from 12 tribes of prophet Jacob (Israel). Christianity was canonized into Greek-Roman culture by pagan Roman emperor Constantine in 325 CE to use it as a tool in the expansion of his imperial writ.

      In order to learn the truth about Islam and its spread in the world – I would recommend British historian Sir. Thomas Walker Arnold’s (1864–1930) book, ‘The Preaching of Islam: A History of the Propagation of the Muslim Faith’ (1930).

      • Rational Observer

        1) Statements like this as well as that of Evangelical preachers like Hagee should not be projected and generalized anachronistically back into times when West did not seek Jewish validation for its every move.

        2) The characters and mythos of any religion is one thing. Where and how the story was woven together and interpreted is another. I don’t want to undermine your or other religious people’s faith but Christianity and Islam were not formulated in Palestine and Arabia, respectively. We can’t talk about Islam’s development without invoking Greater Khurasan and its formative figures: Abu Muslim, Imam Bukhari, Iman Abu Hanifa, etc. Similarly, we can’t speak of Christian doctrine without discussing the Aegean and later the Frankish west w/philosophers like Aquinas and Anselm of Cantenbury.

        3)Early Christianity had a huge Hellenistic impetus and represented a clash of those values with Judaic/Phariseeic peinciples.

        To get back to 2)—In fact, nothing is taught about Greater Iran in our history books. Our institutions have an Arabist bias. Neither the Sassanid Empire nor the pivotal, formative events of Islam in Khurasan are covered. People like Avicenna are routinely labeled Arab. These obfuscations may have political ubderpinnings—-we’re in bed with peninsular Arab states.

      • Rational Observer – I know what modern Pauline Christianity is – as a bona fide graduate from a Catholic Missionary schooling. But, I have no problem with your belief in Christianity just like I never objected to American author Joseph Atwill who claims that Jesus story was invented and Christianity was created as a movement and not a religion by pagan Romans to fulfill their imperial propaganda.

        But for 1.9 billion Muslims to such nonsense is a major sin as Holy Qur’an says, Jesus was born in Nazareth (West Bank) to a virgin mother (Saint Mary) as anointed Divine messenger and escaped crucification to be raised again to die a natural death before the Ends Time.

        Ignoring John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and his Jew-licking son and others who represent over 70 million American Evangelicals is like denying that Apple Pie is not American.

        I discussed this subject in a January 2009 article which you can read below ….

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