‘The Silk Roads’ and the Jews

A few weeks ago, I posted an article, entitled, China, Silk Road and spread of Islam. Several books have been written on this subject by revisionist historians, anti-Muslim ‘Zionist experts on Islam’ and anti-China political analysts. In 1989, Syrian-American playwright Jamil Khoury even produced a play Precious Stones based on Silk Road to show the history of Jewish communities living in peace in most parts of the Muslim world.

Today, I came across a book review of senior Oxford University historian Peter Frankopan’s The silk Roads: A New History of the world show why we need to re-vision history (2015) by no other than American academic, author, writer, editor and radio talk-show host Kevin Barrett, PhD.

“Frankopan’s thesis, in a nutshell, is that Eurocentrism has blinded us to the way that Eurasia and North and East Africa form one super-continent that has been bound together, for thousands of years, by exchanges of goods and ideas. The center of gravity of world civilization, then, is much closer to Persia or Uzbekistan than to Athens or Rome, much less Paris or London,” Barrett said.

“I am myself a historical revisionist of the so-called War on Terror having written or edited five books on the subject. My conclusion, in a nutshell, is that the State of Israel, whose intelligence service’s motto is “by way of deception thou shalt do war,” has (with the help of many other nefarious forces including rabid right-wingers, global domination enthusiasts, and voracious war profiteers) orchestrated a massive deception based primarily on false flag terrorism in general, and the 9/11 covert operation in particular,” Barrett said.

“My revisionist history of the War on Terrorism poses a danger to Israel and its expansionist agenda. So its agents have relentlessly attacked me, smeared me, and waged economic war against me and my family. One of their favorite smears is the libelous “holocaust denier” canard that almost prevented me from entering Canada last week,” Barrett added.

Good thing, in spite of all the Canadian Jewish whining – Dr. Kevin Barrett was allowed to enter Canada to address Al-Quds rally in Toronto (watch below).


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