550 cartoonists mock Donald Trump at Tehran exhibition

550 cartoonists from 70 foreign countries submitted cartoons mocking the current US Jew president Donald Trump (watch a video below).

Hadi Asadi of Iran, who won first prize and a $1,500 award, said he wanted to highlight the “money-mindedness and warmonger nature” of Trump. His cartoon shows Trump wearing a jacket made of dollar notes while drooling on books, a reference to cultural material.”I wanted to show Trump while trampling symbols of culture,” said Asadi, who produced the cartoon in two weeks using a stylus pen digital printing method.

Contest organizer Masoud Shojai-Tabatabaei said the aim of the contest and exhibition is to show wrong behaviors by Donald Trump in the framework of satirical portraits such as Islamophobia, and violence against women, media as well as building walls were among themes of the contest.

The exhibition, which opened Monday and will continue for one week, includes the works of some 1,614 Iranian and foreign participants from 74 countries, including four works from American cartoonists, of which two were awarded citations.

Iranian and foreign artists compete in Iranian contests not for money but to avail freedom to express their personal views on world personalities and topics without fearing fine or imprisonment like in the so-called democratic and liberal Western countries.

The Jewish media such as Washington Post, Daily Mail UK, Newsweek, BBC, Jew York Times, Republic World, Times of Israel, Ha’aretz, National Post, CNN, Fox News, News 24, etc. which defended their Ukrainian Jewish brother Flemmimg Rose over publishing anti-Islam cartoons in 2006 – showed their outrage for mocking pro-Israel Donald Trump.

However, this time Zionist outrage is not as vicious as when in 2006, a Tehran newspaper held a Holocaust Conference to expose Western double standards when it comes to freedom of speech. The conference was attended by 70 historian and academics including six western rabbis and Austrian-born Lady Michele Suzanne Renouf.

In May 2015, Tehran held its second International Holocaust exhibition .


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